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Sassybax founder Amanda Horan Kennedy understood that for every figure problem there was a creative solution. However, she was stumped when she realized there was no way to avoid Visible Bra Lines (VBL), which are those unbecoming bulges on the back from the bra strap. She tried camisoles, shelf bras, everything she could find and came up with the age-old solution: if you can't find it, make it yourself.

The Sassybax prototype began unglamorously as a pair of control top pantyhose cut up and turned upside down. Not only did it cure the bra line bulge, but solved a whole raft of other issues, smoothing everything from bust to torso. The addition of a built-in SassyBax bra created a near-perfect piece of lingerie. Now a woman can have support and comfort while smoothing back fat and bra bulges.

According to Ms. Kennedy, "I have created Sassybax as a way of helping women look and feel more confident and comfortable in the fashions they love. Sassybax gives women the freedom of a more natural, non-restrictive kind of support. The stretchy smooth microfiber moves and breathes with your body, allowing you the freedom of being more of who you are. Now isn't that where self esteem comes from?"

The original Sassybax Torso Trim Camisole offers the support of a bra with comfort unusual in a shaping camisole. Slipping into it like you would a swimsuit, the Sassybax Camisole surrounds your body with gentle support and molds to your natural shape.

Sassybax Shapewear has added additional styles to the line including the Sassybax Bralette Bra BR01 which is suitable for all heights and offers smooth seamless design, especially for C cups or smaller. The Underwire Strapless Bandeaux Bra gets rave reviews from HerRoom customers who say it stays up without the 'uni-boob' look, even in larger sizes. The original camisole is also offered with an underwire bra to provide more support for larger busted women.

The long line is probably best-suited to taller women and, as with all shapewear, be sure to read the sizing information since both your top size and pant size matter.

Celebrities love Sassybax too. The styles have been seen on The View and the Today Show. InStyle simply calls it “figure flattery.” Vanessa Williams called Sassybax’s seamless Bralette her new “wardrobe staple” for the way it smoothes her back in comfort. Glamour called it “a best fix” for lines and bulges. And Catherine Zeta-Jones reportedly relies on the Sassybax Torso trim when filming. Imagine what it can do for you.