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Why Buy Braza Bra Accessories, Braza Bra Extenders?  
Specializing in lingerie accessories, Braza has solutions for lots of wardrobe challenges. Want to enhance your cleavage? Try silicone wedges or foam pads. A bra won't work with your gown? Braza's sew-in cups can be sewn into any garment. They also offer strap cushions, adhesive bras, back extenders and more. These are must-have accessories you never knew you needed. 

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There is a lesser-known and somewhat underserved segment of the lingerie market: lingerie accessories. Once almost unknown, it is now a burgeoning industry and Braza is at the head of the pack. From adhesive, backless bras to bra extenders to tapes and shoulder pads, Braza creates smart solutions. Braza is owned by the Brazabra Corporation, based in Lee, Massachusetts USA. With modest beginnings in the New York City garment district and their first product, the 'stick on bra,' Braza has grown to produce over 125 products. Brazabra Corporation currently holds many international and U.S. patents and they are constantly developing new solutions for the lingerie market. Their latest slogan aptly describes the brand: Problem Solved.

Braza specializes in products that enhance a woman's appearance in her lingerie and for swimwear pad accessories. Notable are the sew-in cups, clear bra extenders, silicone swim shapers, triangle swimsuit pads, bra strap cushions and shoulder pads. The line also features the ideal lingerie wash bag, a necessity for every woman. The Braza line is designed to enhance a woman's curves putting lift and comfort just where it's needed.

An especially popular product is the bra back extender which prolongs the life of bras that have become too small. It attaches easily and delivers exactly as promised. Customers also love the silicone bra strap cushion which keeps straps from falling off, sliding or digging into shoulders. Need a little boost in breast shape and size? Try Braza silicone super wedges or contour shaped curvey cleavage pads. Useful products like these add shape, lift and size in just the right places.

Suppose you dislike the straps on a favorite bra. Try Braza replacement straps, available in narrow and wide styles. The wide straps are a great substitute for narrow straps that dig into your shoulders. And then there are those times when you lose the straps for a handy convertible bra. Braza solves that problem too, with their narrow replacement straps.

In fact, there's almost no bra and swimwear challenge that a Braza accessory can't meet. The extensive product line also features shoulder pads, nipple petals, deodorant erasers,? lingerie wash bags, bra travel bags and more. There are some particularly clever items, like the adhesive flash tape that keeps clothing in place and helps you avoid 'wardrobe' malfunction.' The tape is especially useful with low-cut fashions or even to keep button-down shirts from gapping. Another practical solution is the Magic Clip that wraps around bra straps in the back to lift pressure off shoulders and back.

You can order any item or put together a kit from the collection for yourself or as gifts for your girlfriends. A popular gift item is the Get Outta Town Diva Kit, which would be a fun shower gift. The kit contains several problem solvers, including flash tape, lint removers, petal nipple covers, an adhesive bra and more. Everything a girl needs for a fashion emergency. Shop today at, the largest woman-owned online retailer of fine lingerie.