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  1. Whisper Balconette Coucou BodysuitWhisper Balconette Coucou Bodysuit
    Only Hearts 8846
    Whisper Balconette Coucou Bodysuit
    $115.00 $92.00
  2. So Fine Lace Low Back BodysuitSo Fine Lace Low Back Bodysuit
    Only Hearts 8838
    So Fine Lace Low Back Bodysuit
    $91.00 $67.95
  3. Whisper Sweet Nothing Lace Cup TeddyWhisper Sweet Nothing Lace Cup Teddy
    Only Hearts 8635
    Whisper Sweet Nothing Lace Cup Teddy
    $115.00 $92.00
  4. Lace Cheeky BodysuitLace Cheeky Bodysuit
    Only Hearts 8496
    Lace Cheeky Bodysuit
    $138.00 $82.95 - $110.40
  5. Second Skins Thong BodysuitSecond Skins Thong Bodysuit
    Only Hearts 8288
    Second Skins Thong Bodysuit
    11 Reviews
    $67.00 $53.60
  6. Coucou Lola Butterfly Brief PantyCoucou Lola Butterfly Brief Panty
    Only Hearts 51862
    Coucou Lola Butterfly Brief Panty
    $35.00 $28.00
  7. Amelie High Cut Brief PantyAmelie High Cut Brief Panty
    Only Hearts 51836
    Amelie High Cut Brief Panty
    2 Reviews
    $50.00 $36.95
  8. Whisper Coucou Bikini PantyWhisper Coucou Bikini Panty
    Only Hearts 51842
    Whisper Coucou Bikini Panty
    $60.00 $48.00
  9. Whisper Brazilian Bikini PantyWhisper Brazilian Bikini Panty
    Only Hearts 51734
    Whisper Brazilian Bikini Panty
    $49.00 $35.95 - $39.20
  10. Whisper Hi Cut ThongWhisper Hi Cut Thong
    Only Hearts 51797
    Whisper Hi Cut Thong
    1 Review
    $40.00 $32.00
  11. Stretch Lace Boyshort PantyStretch Lace Boyshort Panty
    Only Hearts 51719
    Stretch Lace Boyshort Panty
    $42.00 $30.95 - $33.60
  12. Whisper Basic Thong PantyWhisper Basic Thong Panty
    Only Hearts 51696
    Whisper Basic Thong Panty
    $37.00 $26.95 - $29.60
  13. Whisper Barely There G-StringWhisper Barely There G-String
    Only Hearts 51681
    Whisper Barely There G-String
    $41.00 $32.80
  14. Whisper Hi Waist Brief PantyWhisper Hi Waist Brief Panty
    Only Hearts 51508
    Whisper Hi Waist Brief Panty
    $65.00 $52.00
  15. Coucou Lola Open Crotch Coulotte PantyCoucou Lola Open Crotch Coulotte Panty
    Only Hearts 51261
    Coucou Lola Open Crotch Coulotte Panty
    2 Reviews
    $46.00 $36.80
  16. Tulle Lace Low Rise ThongTulle Lace Low Rise Thong
    Only Hearts 50273
    Tulle Lace Low Rise Thong
    $26.00 $18.95
  17. Go Ask Alice Muscle TankGo Ask Alice Muscle Tank
    Only Hearts 46198
    Go Ask Alice Muscle Tank
    $60.00 $48.00
  18. Shine On Sequined Corset TankShine On Sequined Corset Tank
    Only Hearts 46183
    Shine On Sequined Corset Tank
    $98.00 $72.95
  19. So Fine Lace Crop Cami BraletteSo Fine Lace Crop Cami Bralette
    Only Hearts 45717
    So Fine Lace Crop Cami Bralette
    $50.00 $40.00
  20. Whisper Crop BraletteWhisper Crop Bralette
    Only Hearts 45263
    Whisper Crop Bralette
    1 Review
    $90.00 $66.95 - $72.00
  21. Stretch Lace Low Back CamisoleStretch Lace Low Back Camisole
    Only Hearts 44678
    Stretch Lace Low Back Camisole
    $49.00 $39.20
  22. Coucou Dolly ChemiseCoucou Dolly Chemise
    Only Hearts 30437
    Coucou Dolly Chemise
    $102.00 $49.99 - $81.60
  23. Whisper Seamed SlipWhisper Seamed Slip
    Only Hearts 30435
    Whisper Seamed Slip
    $127.00 $101.60
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Lingerie Women's Sexy Lingerie | HerRoom

Sexy Lingerie

At HerRoom, we understand that the word “sexy” means something different to everyone. That’s why we carry a variety of sexy lingerie styles, including bras, panties, sets, garters, chemises, teddies, bodystockings, hosiery, and more.

Feeling flirty? Check out our selection of babydolls and chemises. Feeling seductive? Choose from our selection of sheer and lacy bras and panties. Feeling adventurous? Explore our more daring lingerie styles like crotchless panties, shelf bras, G-strings and more.

We cater to every occasion and every personal sense of style – so you’ll always be able to find sexy lingerie that’s perfect for you!

So, why wait? Find out what your version of “sexy” is! Shop sexy lingerie styles and brands at and always get free shipping when you spend $70.

Sexy Styles

Available in lace, satin, sheer materials and more, babydolls are a romantic and elegant lingerie staple.
Shop all babydolls

Available in a variety of styles including unlined, balcony, demi, shelf, plunge, bralette and more, there’s nothing quite like a sexy bra to boost your confidence (and not to mention, your breasts).
Shop all bras

Known as the one-piece wonders, bodysuits come in sheer, lace, cotton, fishnet and more.
Shop all bodysuits

Many women choose to wear sexy panties to add a touch of confidence and allure to their intimate moments. You will find a variety of sexy styles, colors and patterns.
Shop all sexy panties

Garters/Garter Belts
Garters and garter belts are a great way to get an instantly sexy look. Pair them with a matching bra and thigh highs to complete your ensemble.
Shop all garters/garter belts

These tantalizing styles may have unembellished, reinforced upper bands to attach to garter belts and other gartered lingerie or have deep, lacy bands for a feminine sexiness.
Shop all hosiery

Lace is a classic, delicate and elegant way to dress up and add some sex appeal to all your favorite lingerie looks.
Shop all lace

Available in lace, satin, silk, cotton, and more, negligees are a beautiful and comfortable sleepwear and loungewear option.
Shop all negligees

Available in a range of flattering fits, formfitting nightgowns and revealing nighties are both timeless and sexy classics.
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Not Just For Guys: Your New Three-Piece Suit 

The garter belt is one of the most misunderstood items in lingerie. Most women assume that the piece is more about fashion than function, with its primary role to add sex appeal to any ensemble. After all, the garter belt with a matching bra and panty is one of the most quintessential lingerie “suits,” with a history that dates back to the 18th century, when garters were elaborately decorated and embroidered with names, dates or even humorous phrases. However, once women overcome the initial intimidation associated with garter belts and their matching pieces, they can unearth the ease with which garter belts work, and enjoy a comfortable and flattering head-to-toe silhouette.

Garter belts consist of an elastic strip usually at least two to three inches wide, but can be wider, that is worn around the waist, to which two or three elastic suspender slings are attached on each side. The suspenders clip to the stockings to lock them in place. Today’s garter belt and stocking combinations offer maximum support with a flattering and ever-so-sexy look.

Whatever your comfort level is, there are garter belts and stockings to serve you. For a “more is more” flirtatious offering, b.tempt’d, Freya and Curvy Kate offer lacey, risqué garter styles, some of which come with matching bras and panties and corresponding thigh high hosiery.

While certainly sexy, garter belts can provide practicality to your day-to-night lingerie look. So go ahead, discover the allure to this classic piece. You may never go back.