Bra Accessories

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  1. Transform Breast EnhancersTransform Breast Enhancers
    Nearly Me 17-020
    Transform Breast Enhancers
    110 Reviews
    $76.00 $60.80
  2. Care Softlite Silicone Breast FormCare Softlite Silicone Breast Form
    Anita 1052x2
    Care Softlite Silicone Breast Form
    3 Reviews
  3. Delta Full Solid Light Weight Breast FormDelta Full Solid Light Weight Breast Form
    Amoena 442
    Delta Full Solid Light Weight Breast Form
    2 Reviews
    $255.50 $204.40
  4. Adhesive Bra - 6 PackAdhesive Bra - 6 Pack
    Fashion Forms 1101
    Adhesive Bra - 6 Pack
    $11.99 $9.59
  5. Water Wear Push Up Enhancement PadsWater Wear Push Up Enhancement Pads
    Fashion Forms 5104
    Water Wear Push Up Enhancement Pads
    42 Reviews
    $11.00 $8.80
  6. NipStik Adhesive Silicone Nipple CoversNipStik Adhesive Silicone Nipple Covers
    Dimrs nipstik
    NipStik Adhesive Silicone Nipple Covers
    21 Reviews
  7. Longline Bra ExtenderLongline Bra Extender
    Va Bien 104
    Longline Bra Extender
    26 Reviews
    $21.00 $16.80
  8. Swim Shapers Covered Foam Full PadsSwim Shapers Covered Foam Full Pads
    Braza s2022
    Swim Shapers Covered Foam Full Pads
    12 Reviews
    $15.00 $12.00
  9. Bra Extenders Assorted Color Pack - 3 PackBra Extenders Assorted Color Pack - 3 Pack
    Magic Bodyfashion 38be
    Bra Extenders Assorted Color Pack - 3 Pack
    10 Reviews
    $12.95 $10.36
  10. Silicone Push Up PadsSilicone Push Up Pads
    Fashion Forms 8600
    Silicone Push Up Pads
    5 Reviews
    $24.00 $19.20
  11. Medium Lingerie BagMedium Lingerie Bag
    Fashion Forms 885
    Medium Lingerie Bag
    12 Reviews
    $6.00 $4.80
  12. Extreme Silicone Breast PetalsExtreme Silicone Breast Petals
    Fashion Forms 16555
    Extreme Silicone Breast Petals
    6 Reviews
    $8.99 $7.19
  13. Top Hats Reuseable Silicone Nipple ConcealersTop Hats Reuseable Silicone Nipple Concealers
    Commando rnc
    Top Hats Reuseable Silicone Nipple Concealers
    12 Reviews
  14. Transform Double-Sided TapeTransform Double-Sided Tape
    Nearly Me 1391000
    Transform Double-Sided Tape
    2 Reviews
    $27.99 $22.39
  15. Solution Comfort StrapSolution Comfort Strap
    Magic Bodyfashion 38cs
    Solution Comfort Strap
    8 Reviews
    $18.95 $15.16
  16. Ultimate Silicone Gel PetalsUltimate Silicone Gel Petals
    Fashion Forms 16556
    Ultimate Silicone Gel Petals
    27 Reviews
    $14.99 $11.99
  17. Full Figure Gel PetalsFull Figure Gel Petals
    Fashion Forms 16558
    Full Figure Gel Petals
    6 Reviews
    $19.99 $15.99
  18. Solution Sticky Push Up PadsSolution Sticky Push Up Pads
    Magic Bodyfashion 30spu
    Solution Sticky Push Up Pads
    1 Review
    $19.99 $15.99
  19. Comfy ShoulderComfy Shoulder
    Fashion Forms 6100
    Comfy Shoulder
    51 Reviews
    $12.00 $9.60
  20. See-Through Bra Strap ConverterSee-Through Bra Strap Converter
    Fashion Forms 2009
    See-Through Bra Strap Converter
    9 Reviews
    $5.00 $4.00
  21. Large Lingerie BagLarge Lingerie Bag
    Fashion Forms 887
    Large Lingerie Bag
    23 Reviews
    $6.50 $5.20
  22. Soft Back Bra ExtendersSoft Back Bra Extenders
    Fashion Forms 234
    Soft Back Bra Extenders
    104 Reviews
    $8.00 $6.40
  23. Adjustable Low Back StrapAdjustable Low Back Strap
    Fashion Forms 4105
    Adjustable Low Back Strap
    3 Reviews
    $8.00 $6.40
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Bra Accessories Bra Accessories | Bra Extenders, Cups, Straps, & More
At HerRoom, you’ll find a variety of helpful bra accessories, such as straps, cups, and extenders, to help make every look work and fulfil your every need. Here are a few of key styles you’ll find here: Bra extenders serve a very simple purpose: to take a bra or corset and make it more comfortable by increasing the number of hooks. Extenders attach to the existing hooks and eyes on your bra, and come in standard white, black and nude and clear plastic to blend seamlessly under your clothing. Adjustable low back straps are also available to turn your classic bra back into a lower version for invisibility under clothes. Bra extenders come in different hook counts with varying heights and widths to match your bra's hook-and-eye pad dimensions. These are great accessories for everyday and special occasion bras. These bra attachments are a great solution for changes in weight and pregnancy. Breast pads can be used for different functions. They may be used to increase size and give lift to your bust when slipped into or sewn in to your bra or swimwear. They may also be used to even out breast sizes or replace volume lost by surgery or nursing. Breast forms come in molded silicone with natural-looking nipples to replace breasts post-surgery, and are made by Nearly Me, and Amoena to slip into the pockets of their bras for a natural, balanced look. Shapers for swimwear may be fabric-covered foam or waterproof silicone, to give your bust a lifted, fuller look. These lingerie accessories are versatile additions for every woman's wardrobe. Fashion tape will make wardrobe malfunctions a thing of the past. If you've ever witnessed an "oops" moment while watching movie premieres, the Oscars or other awards shows, then you know that celebrities frequently experience these unfortunate incidents. Fashion tape to the rescue! These adhesive "oops proofers" include double-sided tape that can lift breasts without benefit of a bra or secure a neckline or hemline. Fashion tape may be used for everyday clothing or swimwear to help keep necklines in place and solve other issues. Make fashion tape a part of your lingerie accessories arsenal - you'll never regret it! Shoulder pads can help enhance the outline of your shoulders without making you look like a football player. A natural look can be achieved with contoured foam pads. Shoulder pads can be clip-on or have hook-and-loop styles that go over the strap with the soft closure on the underside. There are also stick-on adhesive shoulder pads that adhere to the top of the shoulder. Many cushioned shoulder pads for bra straps are for comfort, relieving pressure and stress on the shoulders, particularly important for women with large breasts. Colors include skin tones and black as well as clear.