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  1. High Impact Racerback Front Close Sports BraHigh Impact Racerback Front Close Sports Bra
    Enell 102
    High Impact Racerback Front Close Sports Bra
    6 Reviews
    $80.00 $62.95 - $64.00
  2. Give-N-Go 2.0 Sport Mesh Bikini Brief PantyGive-N-Go 2.0 Sport Mesh Bikini Brief Panty
    Ex Officio 3452
    Give-N-Go 2.0 Sport Mesh Bikini Brief Panty
    2 Reviews
    $15.95 - $26.00
  3. Give-N-Go 2.0 Sport Hipster PantyGive-N-Go 2.0 Sport Hipster Panty
    Ex Officio 3453
    Give-N-Go 2.0 Sport Hipster Panty
    2 Reviews
    $15.95 - $26.00
  4. Give-N-Go 2.0 Sport Thong PantyGive-N-Go 2.0 Sport Thong Panty
    Ex Officio 9778
    Give-N-Go 2.0 Sport Thong Panty
    $15.95 - $24.00
  5. Give-N-Go 2.0 Hipster PantyGive-N-Go 2.0 Hipster Panty
    Ex Officio 9783
    Give-N-Go 2.0 Hipster Panty
    $13.95 - $24.00
  6. Give-N-Go 2.0 Performance Wicking ThongGive-N-Go 2.0 Performance Wicking Thong
    Ex Officio e14272
    Give-N-Go 2.0 Performance Wicking Thong
    $12.95 - $18.00
  7. Madison Low Impact BraMadison Low Impact Bra
    Falke 38462
    Madison Low Impact Bra
    $56.95 $45.56
  8. Active Comfort Bikini PantyActive Comfort Bikini Panty
    DKNY dk8963
    Active Comfort Bikini Panty
    1 Review
    $14.00 $10.95 - $11.20
  9. The Authentic Racerback Script Logo Sports BraThe Authentic Racerback Script Logo Sports Bra
    Champion b1429g
    The Authentic Racerback Script Logo Sports Bra
    1 Review
    $41.00 $19.99
  10. The Curvy Printed Sports BraThe Curvy Printed Sports Bra
    Champion b9373p
    The Curvy Printed Sports Bra
    2 Reviews
    $47.00 $26.95
  11. Microfiber Thong - 3 PackMicrofiber Thong - 3 Pack
    Champion ch46m3
    Microfiber Thong - 3 Pack
    $28.50 $11.99
  12. Cotton Stretch Racerback TankCotton Stretch Racerback Tank
    Champion ch52as
    Cotton Stretch Racerback Tank
    1 Review
    $24.00 $10.99
  13. Powerblend Fleece Graphic JoggerPowerblend Fleece Graphic Jogger
    Champion gf937y
    Powerblend Fleece Graphic Jogger
    2 Reviews
    $45.00 $28.95
  14. Absolute Fusion Bike Short with SmoothTec BandAbsolute Fusion Bike Short with SmoothTec Band
    Champion m0821
    Absolute Fusion Bike Short with SmoothTec Band
    3 Reviews
    $35.00 $19.95
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Active Women's Sports Apparel | Sports Bras & Underwear | HerRoom

Activewear & Sports Apparel
Wearing the right clothes and underwear for every activity makes your sports and workouts more effective, more comfortable, and even healthier. That's why HerRoom carries a complete collection of sports bras, underwear, activewear bottoms, T-shirts, jackets and base layers that will help make you ready for anything.

Whether you're a gym rat, a walker, an occasional golfer, a professional athlete, an adrenalin junkie or anything else in between, the right wardrobe pieces can become your best workout partners. When it comes to exercise, you're doing all the work. Why not let the right women's sports apparel help you out?

Active Styles

Sports bras

Regardless of how intense your activity is, you need to wear a sports bra to prevent breakdown of your Cooper's ligaments and reduce breast bounce. If you go without, you're risking causing permanent breast sagging over time. Wearing a sports bra will help prevent damage to the breast tissue. Manufacturers often categorize their sports bra lines by the level of impact and exercise intensity. So, if you participate in various sports or exercise activities, you may need several different sports bras.

The right activewear bra can make a huge difference in the comfort and effectiveness of any exercise. Start by choosing a bra that's right for the activity. Because breast bounce during exercise can be painful and can even damage delicate breast tissue you'll need a bra that minimizes breast movement.

Low impact bras are good for yoga, golf, walking, cycling and other sports that cause minimal wear-and-tear. These bras usually feature compression, which, like an ace bandage, holds the breasts firmly against the chest to minimize bounce.

High impact activities include running, basketball, volleyball, tennis or any exercise with jolting motion. For this, you'll want a bra that features encapsulation, with each breast in its own pocket. Best of all are sports bras constructed with both compression and encapsulation. Other features to look for include wide straps, full coverage cups, and back support provided by bras with racerbacks, T-backs or kicked in straps. Check out HerRoom's Bounce Test videos to see how various high impact sports bras perform.

Activewear bottoms

For both indoors and out, choose the right bottoms for the activity. If you've ever tried an exercise class in jeans, you know what a difference the right clothing can make. Activewear bottoms like yoga pants, capris and shorts are made with modern breathable fabrics that wick away moisture and help keep you cool and dry during a workout. In hot weather, mesh fabrics are ideal since they dry quickly and allow air to circulate. Running shorts are constructed for maximum freedom of movement and often have helpful features like reflective strips, small hidden pockets and padded elastic at the waist.

Jackets & hoodies

Indoors and out, almost any season, a few activewear jackets and hoodies should be part of your sports wardrobe. After a sweaty workout in the gym, even in warm weather, your body's efficient evaporation system can cause too quick a cool down. Keeping muscles warm after exercise reduces the chance of injury and speeds up muscle repair.

But, all that serious business doesn't mean you have to forego fashion. Today's activewear jackets come in a variety of styles and colors, suitable for even the most exacting fashionista. Start with a fabric that's soft and moisture-wicking. You'll want something quick-drying, but still warm. For colder weather, try fleece, which is toasty warm and soft. Then choose from dozens of styles, including pullovers, 1/2 zips, jackets with full zippers, hoodies and even cardigans.

Sports Bra: Impact Levels

High impact

Considering the wear and tear that high impact exercise causes, wearing a sports bra designed for high impact activities is crucial for comfort and health. Whether you're a runner, tennis player, strenuous cross-trainer or anyone else who enjoys high impact activities, look for a bra that uses both compression and encapsulation to keep breasts in place.

Other beneficial features of high impact sports bras include higher necklines to increase support and stability, wide straps for even weight distribution, side support panels and a leotard back design. While most sports bras have wire-free cups, there are underwire styles, which can help support larger breasts. Activewear bras are usually made of breathable fabrics that wick moisture away, keeping you cooler and dryer during exercise.

Medium impact

Get the right amount of support and comfort without the bulk. Medium impact sports bras feature lightly padded contour cups for shape and support, a moderate degree of bouncing, and breathable performance fabric for comfort and dryness.

Low impact

Low impact sports bras are perfect not only for light activities like yoga, Pilates and walking, but also for wearing during your leisure hours and even running errands. Choose from a variety of styles and colors!

How to Find Your Best Sports Bra
Picture it: you've just signed up for a month's worth of spin classes, your meals are planned and you're filled to the brim with positivity, but wait – you don't have a good bra to work out in. What's a girl to do? As the bra fit experts we're here to help you make the best decision in a sports bra to achieve your fitness goals in 2018.

Function Over Fashion

We understand that many thin athleisure or lounge bras, marketed as a sports bra, are fashionable and glamorous. Don't be fooled by the beauty. A thin, structure-less bra with an attractive print is not going to help you while you're at a full sprint on the treadmill. To be exact, during bounce tests women with D cup sized breasts experienced bounce lengths of up to 3 inches in each direction. Yes, this bounce over time, without the proper support can and will impact breast sag. Never fear though, you can learn more about our best lifting and supportive bras here. We can assure you there is a beautiful sports bra out there that has everything you need to keep the girls in place while showing off your gorgeous personality.

The Low, Medium and High Impact Difference

Before we talk about fit, let's dive into the specifics of activity and sports bra type. To begin, there are three different sports bra categories. Low impact, medium impact and high impact. The word "impact" sounds aggressive, but for any woman who has gone running in a poorly constructed sports bra, "impact" is only one way to describe it. The different names relate to the impact or level of activity you are planning to participate in. If you exercise at a few different impact levels, then we recommend equipping yourself properly for all of your indoor and outdoor workout routines at each level. Here at HerRoom we label all of our sports bra as low, medium or high impact right under the pricing and provide a bounce test video for each high impact bras right on the page as well. Here are some activities associated with each impact level:

Low – walking, yoga, strength training, tai chi
Medium – hiking, flat road cycling, skiing, power walking, elliptical training
High – Running, mountain biking, aerobics, dance

Find the Right Fit


Become one with your sports bra. The fit should be unparalleled to anything you've ever worn before, as being tighter than an everyday bra, but not so tight that you cannot take in a deep breath. You'll feel supported, centered and confident all while sweating like it's going out of style. A sports bras job is simple when you think about it: minimize breast movement. The minimization of movement comes about through encapsulation and compression. You can have both properties or just one. Encapsulation or containment refers to bras that feature individual cups to support each breast separately, but lacks the compression needed to hold breasts in place during high impact activity These types of bras are usually low impact bras. Simple compression sports bras are what most women have encountered in their lifetime and are most popular with women sized A-B cups. They will usually pull over the head and squeeze your breasts against your chest wall to restrict tissue movement. These bras are usually for low to medium impact activity. The best sports bras combine encapsulation and compression to create a bra that can rival high impact activities. These bras are supportive and comfortable overall and can control movement of cups up to an O(D12).

Some features found on sports bras and fit notes to take into consideration when purchasing include:

The closure: are you a fan of the back, front or an over the head bra? All closures are equal in support, so choose one that you're comfortable with.
Adjustable straps: do you feel like you'd prefer a customizable fit over time?
Underwire or no underwire: if you're larger than a D cup, underwire is your friend.
Moisture wicking: do your breasts tend to sweat an uncomfortable amount? If so go with a wicking bra, they move moisture away from you and dry faster
Wide or padded shoulder straps to reduce dig.
Band fit notes: you should be able to fit only two fingers between you and the band.
Discomfort should not exist: no chafing or pinching and you should be able to breathe comfortably.
If you raise your hands, with your bra on its loosest closure, your breasts should stay in the bra, not escaping from the bottom; your band should not move either.
Soft and comfortable fabrics are a must.
Backing: go with a racerback for added breast support or a J hook to create additional optional lift and support if needed.
Remember to always wash your sports bras with care in cold water or on a gentle cycle in a lingerie/garment bag while either letting it lay out to dry or hang up.

Here are our top 10 sports bras:

Panache Full Busted Underwire Sports Bra

With over 1,000 reviews and being an all-around best seller, this list wouldn't be complete without the Panache Full Busted Underwire Sports Bra. This full-busted underwire sports bra has been independently determined to reduce breast bounce by 83%! Whatever your sport, this sport bra provides the ultimate support, encapsulating your breasts rather than compressing them against your chest. Plus, it comes in several colors and prints. Available in bands 28-40 and cups up to a J(D10).

Wacoal Sports Underwire Bra

Get a great workout without fear of bounce in this high impact maximum support sports bra. It features unique hook adjustments on the straps that lock and stay in place. Moisture-wicking fabric in the cups keep you cool and dry. Floating underwires on the outside ensure comfort. Available in bands 32-42 and cups up to an H(D5).

Elomi Energise Underwire Sports Bra with J Hook

You'll love this sports bra if you're a fan of multi-part cups. Minimize bounce and get amazing support in this underwire sports bra. It features 4-part cups with side support panels. 

Freya Sonic Underwire Molded Spacer Sports Bra

Step up your performance in this cool, comfortable sports bra with great support and a versatile J-hook back. Inner cup support slings are made of COOLMAX which dries five times faster and wicks moisture away from the body.

HerRoom customer, CC, says, "Best sports bra I've ever purchased! Love how it feels and looks – which is really saying something for a sports bra. Typically, sports bras turn people into uni-boobers and flatten and squash them…. Not this one. It accentuates your shape and supports at the same time. Love it!", size 38E. Available in bands 28-40 and cups up to a H(D8).

Shock Absorber Active D+ Max Support Sports Bra

Designed for the full-busted and full-figured woman who wears a D cup or larger, this extremely well-made, wireless sports bra provides structural seaming with inner support slings for ultimate support. Wide, padded shoulder straps and spacer foam backed hook and eye closure for soft comfort. Adorned with adjustable straps and hook and eye closure allow for the perfect fit. Available in bands 30-40 and cups up to an H(D8).

Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Sports Bra

Designed specifically for running, this sports bra provides absolute support and friction-free comfort, so you can focus on your performance. Shock Absorber's Infinity 8 system offers targeted support to control the figure 8 movement of breasts when running.

One HerRoom customer says, "I can do any activity and my breasts are secure. The bra is also very comfortable", size 34GG. Available in bands 30-42 and cups up to an G(D7).

Anita Active Maximum Support Wire Free Sports Bra

"Perfection. This is the third one I bought. The straps are super comfy with extra padding. Love it.", says HerRoom customer, M.B, size 38F. High impact and breathable, this sports bra is perfect for the hardest workouts. It features highly functional pique fabric and netting inserts in the back to regulate moisture absorption. Available in bands 30-46 and cups up to an H(D5).

I feel that it is important for every woman to own a couple of "feel special" bras. It helps shake you out of the boring day-to-day routine and can give a boost of confidence by making you feel especially pretty and attractive. It doesn't hurt to complete a set with the matching panty and garter belt from time to time. You could even allocate one of your daily underwire bras as a special option for when you're feeling vivacious or if you need an extra push to take on the day! These bras are not only functional with supportive underwire and multi-part cups, but also have a gorgeous design to them that is sure to give you that confidence boost you're in need of some days.

Shock Absorber Multi Sports Max Support Sports Bra

This high impact, fashionable sports bra features double-layer cups with inner slings for added support. Popular crop-top design features internal cup-sized support and may be worn as outer or innerwear.

HerRoom customer, KM, says, "This is the BEST sports bra brand I've found for higher impact. I am so happy to find a way to get a wide selection of them.", size 38D. Available in bands 30-40 and cups up to a HH(D9).

Glamorise Underwire High Impact Sports Bra

HerRoom customer, Nea, says -"This bra is amazing! It's the first sports bra I've ever owned that was able to support the girls (I'm a 36F) AND still allow my two distinct and separate boobs to not morph into a crazy uni-boob…it fit perfect, arrived in time and I love it!!"

This high impact sports bra features seamless cups with padded Wonderwire design so underwires don't touch the body. The tall, two-way stretch back moves when you do. Available in bands 32-46 and cups up to a G(D4).

Enell High Impact Front Close Sports Bra

You're going to be a real fan of this supportive sports bra! Front hook and eye closure makes getting in and out easy, even when you're sweaty from an intense workout.

HerRoom customer, Becky Sue, raves, "I saw a recommendation for this brand on a running website. I love it! Certainly provides fabulous support & looks good while doing it. I ordered the red one first, in a smaller size. It is just a bit too tight so I kept it but ordered another one in black, one size up. Perfect! I'm no longer aware of my bouncing boobs while running. Wonderful support.", size 4X. Available in sizes S-6X.
The Best Sports Bras△
It's time we pound the pavement and shed those winter blues. Whether your day is full of errands, jogs or intense outdoor activity, HerRoom has the perfect sports bras to keep you moving forward.

Let me share some education to help you choose what works best in your active life.


Low-impact sports bras are perfect for activities such as yoga, strength training or as a quick go-to on a weekend errand. The fit is comfortably snug, providing the essential support you need. Most low-support bras are encapsulation bras, meaning it provides a natural shape with low compression.

Try these: Brooks Moving Comfort JustRight Racer Seamless Cooling Sports Bra 300574, Cosabella Triathlon Sports Bralette TRI1341


Medium-impact sports bras are ideal for many activities, including weight training, Pilates, walking, hiking and more. The compression restricts movement comfortably. You can find both encapsulation and non-encapsulation medium-impacts at HerRoom that will work best for your individual needs.

Try these: Chantelle Medium Impact Wire Free Sports Bra 2946, Wacoal Wire Free Medium Impact Sports Bra 852214, Brooks Moving Comfort Uplift Crossback C/D Cup Medium Impact Sports Bra 300616


High-impact sports bras are not only exceptional stabilizers but, with encapsulation and compression, can serve as a firmly contained, full-coverage alternative. It's important to know that high-impact sports bras should in fact feel compressed.

Some are thrown by the taut feeling but do know these bras offer amazing support that will not fail. Stronger sports bras have underwire support, as well, to help minimize movement.

Try these: Panache Full-Busted Underwire Sports Bra 5021, Wacoal Zip Front Underwire Sports Bra 853222, Shock Absorber Multi Sports Max Support Sports Bra S4490


Adjustable impact sports bras are great options and offer the most customizable fit. One never knows where the day might take you and it's important to be prepared. Adjustables are functional tools that ease packing frustrations and travel worries.

Try these: Anita Active Dynamix Star Max Support Sports Bra 5537, Glamorise Adjustable Support Underwire Sports Bra 9166
Compression Clothing 101△
Whether they’re going for a morning jog through the neighborhood or gearing up to compete in a triathlon, you have probably noticed that many athletes wear compression garments. These tight-fitting leggings, shorts, socks, tees, tanks, and other apparel are a popular choice among people of a range of activity levels because they offer a variety of benefits.

Although we may be familiar with compression garments, many of us still don’t know exactly how they work, what they do, and what the advantages of wearing them are. In this post, we’ll explore everything you may have wondered about compression garments.

What Are Compression Garments?

Simply put, compression garments are pieces of apparel, underwear and accessories that fit tightly against the skin. Socks, tees, tanks, sleeves, undergarments, shorts, leggings, and other pieces of clothing with compression are available for both men and women.

How Do Compression Garments Work?

Much like spandex clothing, compression garments are made using stretchy materials and fabrics that form to the body and apply compression, or pressure, to the parts of the body on which they’re worn. Compression garments come in varying degrees of compression, depending on the wearer’s needs and preferences.

Compression garments are commonly worn for a variety of reasons, including to help improve circulation, provide extra support, and help athletes both during and after exercise.

Should I Wear Compression Clothing When I Work out?

It’s a personal choice. If you’re engaging in daily training and you want to use compression garments to aid your performance and your recovery time, we recommend that you give it a try. Although some more mild and occasional athletes choose not to wear compression, the advantages can be great.

Why Do Athletes Wear Compression Garments?

Compression garments are very popular among athletes, because they can help both during exercise and during recovery. Here’s how:

Performance: During Exercise


Compression increases blood flow and oxygen delivery to the tissue, making exercise more efficient and less tiring.
The snugness of compression clothing increases proprioception (awareness of the body in space), which improves posture and movement.

Recovery: After Exercise


After exercise, compression acts as a type of low-level massage by putting pressure on the muscles to minimize delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).
Compression helps raise the skin and muscle tissue temperature to increase blood flow and promote healing.
When worn after a workout, compression garments can provide significant relief from muscle swelling and fatigue.

What Are the Main Benefits of Compression Garments?

Reduced Muscle Fatigue and Soreness

When worn during physical activity, compression helps improve your performance by reducing muscle fatigue and soreness. These benefits can be enjoyed both during exercise and during recovery afterwards.

Reduced Feeling of Exertion and Increased Endurance

Compression garments like tights, shorts and socks have been found to help increase the endurance and perceived ease of a workout in athletes. They can also help improve jumping and other physical performance in athletes after endurance exercises like long-distance running – making them great for track and field, circuit training, CrossFit, and more.

Improved Muscle Oxygenation

Compression garments help increase the amount of oxygen that the muscles receive during workouts, which is required for them to function properly. Compression also helps promote blood flow, which can enhance performance during quick bursts of exercise.

Strain Prevention

The boost of support and pressure provided by compression garments can help some strain-prone athletes by reducing their risk for sports-related strains.

Increased Comfort

While compression does apply extra pressure to the body, it is very comfortable and breathable. Compression reduces chafing and stays in place without riding up or needing readjustment during extended movement.

Temperature Control

Compression garments have moisture-wicking properties, which helps control moisture levels during activity that causes excessive perspiration.The close-fitting nature of compression garments also help regulate your core temperature.

Improved Muscle Recovery

Because the recovery process after strenuous exercise can be somewhat lengthy, muscle pain and soreness can hit you hard over time after your workout. Compression garments can help aid muscle recovery and reduce the risk of severe and lasting muscle and joint soreness.

At HerRoom and HisRoom, we carry a variety of compression garments from some of the most trusted brands on the market. So, if you’re ready to add compression clothing to your wardrobe, you’ll find everything you need when you shop with us!

Shop compression garments for her at HerRoom.

Find a better fit,