Let's be honest.

If your underwear doesn't fit right, you're going to be miserable all day. The dreaded panty ride-up situation can affect your comfort level and become a day-long distraction.

So, it goes without saying that panties need to fit your contours without creeping up. They need to feel natural and fit well if you don't want to spend all day tugging and squirming. If you never want to experience the feeling of discomfort that goes along with wearing ill-fitting underwear, the solution is simple: purchase the size that's right for you.

Finding your personal panty size

Determining your panty size requires that you know two things: your waist measurement and your hip measurement. If possible, ask someone to help you take your measurements. It's faster and tends to be more accurate.

The hardest part about purchasing lingerie that fits well and looks good is knowing what to look for. There are so many fabrics, fits and styles to choose from.

My goal in writing this causerie is to give you as much information as possible on sizing, fabrics, styles and fitting to make you your own undergarment expert, and thus create the perfect lingerie wardrobe for you.

- Tomima
Natural Fitting Crotch

A panty crotch should fit naturally against your body. There should be no excessive fabric in the front or back, and should definitely not be binding. If your panty has a front horizontal crotch seam, it should not be visible from the front and not slip backwards. If it does, check to see that your panty isn't on backwards.

Waistband Is Snug But Not Binding

If your waistband keeps bunching up and rolling over in front, you have the wrong size. Try a smaller size. The right size means your band stays in place and is comfortable.

Legs are Snug But Not Binding

Panty legs should not be so tight that they cause grooves along your thighs. Leg openings should be evenly arched on both legs and the fabric should not be bunched or twisted. If you are still having trouble with binding legs, try a panty with a high cut leg style such as French cut.

Buttocks is Cupped

Assuming you are not wearing a thong or the current cheeky panty styles, the proper fit around the buttocks is balanced, symmetrical, covered and cupped. If not, you need a bigger size. Also, if some of your current panties are riding up, the elastic is probably shot and they need to be replaced.

Final Thoughts

Do a routine quality check

It's easy to keep the same panties for years without thinking about tossing them out or replacing them. After all, they're covered up most of the time and you're often the only one who sees them. However, it's always a good idea to take a look at your current panty wardrobe to check for worn out panties.

If you notice legs or waistbands that are stretched out, backs that continually ride up on you, or frayed material, it's probably time to throw them out.

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