The 8 panties you need for a complete panty wardrobe

Everyday Basic Panties (7-14)

Every woman should have a one to two week supply of everyday panties. They can be any style as long as they are comfortable and non-binding. Once the elastic is shot, they look dingy, or they become stretched out and no longer stay in place, they should be replaced.

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Tyra Banks once said that when she gained some weight, she noticed that the skimpier the bathing suit bottom, the thinner she looked.

I tried her theory and now wear bikini panties instead of hi-cut briefs. This style of panty has a waistband that rests below the navel and on the hips. It usually has a high-cut leg line and back coverage.

The bikini panty style is not just for the young. Try one and see if you like their fit, feel and look.

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The boyshort style has quickly become the new panty silhouette. It is replacing the thong because it's more comfortable to wear, yet doesn't have the obvious panty lines. It is also a cute solution under skirts - if someone sees your panties, it's not as big a deal because they look like hotpants.

And like the boxer for men, women don’t seem to mind being caught in their boyshorts. The boyshort has almost become loungewear. I suggest a couple of pairs in fun colors to add to your lingerie drawer.

When making your selection, look for a boyshort with a gusset crotch design. They have fewer tendencies to ride up.

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Briefs are the "comfort food" of lingerie. When you want to be just plain comfortable and know that what you're wearing won't show panty lines, briefs are a girl's best friend.

Briefs also come with hi-cut legs for a sexier look should you be "caught" wearing a pair.

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A thong is a bikini panty with a high-cut leg and a 1/2" to 1" strip of material running up the back and flaring out into the waistband. Many women find this more comfortable to wear than a g-string. It also reduces visible panty lines.

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Shapewear panties come in a variety of silhouettes from briefs to thongs, with most having a high waistband at least to the natural waistline. Offered in control levels from light to extra firm, shapewear panties give you many support options.

Most have a cotton crotch and are made using 4-way stretch and compression to target the areas that could use a little slimming. Some styles are made with extra control for the midriff. Others shape and lift your derriere. But their biggest benefit is cutting down on the number of layers a woman needs to wear - they are a two-in-one.

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Much like sports bras, sports panties are designed to give you the support and comfort you need during workouts. Made with lightweight, stretchy and breathable materials, sports panties give you the fit and flexibility you need to stay in motion.

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Bike Shorts

Reminiscent of the pants cyclists wear, this style of brief has legs in varying lengths that can go down to just above the knee. Believe it or not, this style is a thong alternative. Its full coverage and seamlessness gives the wearer an invisible and smooth line from waist to hip.

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