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When it comes to panties, we have a style for every size and shape. From more modest cuts to sexier, skimpier styles, there’s something for everyone and every wardrobe at HerRoom.

There is a variety of panties to choose from that can fit and flatter your figure and work with your outfits. Build the perfect panty drawer by choosing from full-coverage panty styles like briefs, boyshorts, bikinis and bike shorts and sexier panty styles like thongs, tangas, g-strings, and crotchless panties. You can also choose from a range of fabrics and materials like breathable cotton, lovely lace, smooth satin, rayon, nylon and more.

Whatever your specific needs are, we have the right panty styles for you – so start shopping you’re your next favorite pair now!

Bikini panties offer modest coverage in the front and back while the sides rest high on the hips or waist. They give you more coverage than thongs but less coverage than briefs, and they have a shorter rise than briefs. Bikini panties are also more comfortable than thongs because they don’t expose so much of the rear. For this reason, bikini panties are often considered the happy medium between a thong and a brief.
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Brief panties have a waistband that rests at or just below the navel and provide full rear coverage. Women of all ages wear briefs because they are very comfortable. The fit is roomier, giving you more space to move and breathe. They also tend not to ride up in the back because they’re full-coverage in the rear.
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A thong panty is like a bikini panty, but it has a strip of fabric running up the back of the panty instead of a full back panel. This design eliminates panty lines. Many manufacturers cut today’s thong panties with a higher rise, so they are more comfortable.
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Some of us prefer not to have the full coverage of a brief, or we just want to match the rise of our pants with panties that sit below the waistline of the pant. This is where mid-rise hipsters come in. They come in a variety of looks from simple and tailored to sexy and lacy. There is a large selection of solid colors available, especially in 100% cotton and cotton blends. Prints range from florals to stripes and geometrics. Multi-packs are also a great way to build your hipster panty wardrobe.
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Designed to resemble a man’s brief, the women’s boyshort panty features leg openings that cover the top portion of the thighs. Boyshort panties offer more coverage than bikinis and thongs, yet they provide a flirty, sporty look that celebrates your femininity. Boyshorts also tuck nicely under a woman’s bottom to sit flat against her body and minimize any appearance of panty lines.
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Bike Short
Bike short panties feature legs that go down to the top of the thighs and a waist that sits low on the hips, with full coverage in the back. Bike short panties are great to wear under workout clothes, high-waisted pants and skirts to give you a smooth line from your hips to your thighs.
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Let’s talk about thong panties.

There are few undergarments that are more controversial among women than the thong panty. This is one of the skimpiest, most provocative panty styles out there. It’s also considered by many women to be one of the most uncomfortable panty styles on the market.

You rarely meet someone who is indifferent about wearing thongs. Instead, when you ask a woman how she feels about thongs, you either hear “I hate thongs” or “I love thongs.” You’re much less likely to hear anyone say “Thongs? I can take ‘em or leave ‘em.”

So, why do women have such strong positive or negative feelings about thong panties? In truth, every woman has her reasons. Some women hate thongs because they’re not wearing them properly. Others don’t like thongs because they’re wearing the wrong rise (thongs come in high rise, medium rise, and low rise styles) or materials (thongs also come in a variety of fabrics, including lace, cotton, spandex, and more). Others might simply think they hate thongs because they’re wearing the wrong size.

There’s still hope! If you address these issues and find the right thong for you, boom! You might just realize thongs aren’t only tolerable – but they’re extremely comfortable and flattering.

What is a thong?

The thong is considered one of the sexiest women’s panty styles – and that’s not surprising. Thongs set on the hips much like a bikini, but instead of a full rear panel, there is a thin strip of fabric that leaves the derriere exposed.

Why wear a thong?

There is a long list of advantages to wearing a thong. Some of the most popular reasons include:

No panty lines: Whether you’re in a meeting, on a date, or running errands, there’s nothing less attractive than a panty line that shows from underneath your clothes. If you want to win the war against VPL once and for all, look no further than the thong panty.

Sex appeal: The ultra-revealing cut of the thong panty is considered very sexy to both men and women. Pair a thong with a matching bra, garter belt and thigh highs or wear it under a sheer chemise for a sexy lingerie look.

Versatility: Thongs are available in a variety of styles, including different rises, materials, colors, patterns, and more. Low-rise thongs are perfect to wear under low-cut pants and jeans, while high rise thongs are great to wear under dresses and high-waisted styles. Laser-cut thongs by brands like Commando and Under Armour are great to wear under thin and even sheer outfits, while lace thongs by brands like Hanky Panky and Cosabella are great for everyday wear and special occasions.

Comfort: Despite what you may have heard, thongs can be very comfortable when they’re sized and worn correctly.

How do you put on a thong?

Follow these steps for how to put on a thong:

  • Hold up the thong and locate the back panel and the tag (if there is a tag) so you know how it is supposed to go on your body.
  • Locate the leg holes. Note that with thong panties, the leg holes and the waist opening can appear similar in size. It’s not uncommon to accidentally step into the waist opening and one leg opening instead of both legs. Look for the crotch lining to ensure you’ve found both leg openings.
  • Hold the thong in front of you, with the back panel facing you. Now put one leg through the waist and leg opening, and then the other. Pull the thong up to your waist and into place.
  • Adjust the thong so the back string is centered between your rear cheeks. Pull on the front and readjust the waistband until you’ve achieved a comfortable fit.

Want to learn how to get the right panty fit for every panty style? Visit our page, Get the Right Panty Fit to learn everything you need to know to find the best fit for you. Learn what panty styles every woman should have in her lingerie wardrobe on our Fitting Room™ page here.

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