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  1. Iconic Lace ThongIconic Lace Thong
    Fleur't 103
    Iconic Lace Thong
    19 Reviews
    $24.00 $17.95 - $19.20
  2. Invisibles ThongInvisibles Thong
    Calvin Klein d3428
    Invisibles Thong
    20 Reviews
    $15.00 $12.00
  3. Never Say Never Comfie Cutie ThongNever Say Never Comfie Cutie Thong
    Cosabella nev0343
    Never Say Never Comfie Cutie Thong
    3 Reviews
    $29.75 $23.80
  4. Original Rise Signature Lace Thongs - 5 PackOriginal Rise Signature Lace Thongs - 5 Pack
    Hanky Panky 4811fp
    Original Rise Signature Lace Thongs - 5 Pack
    1 Review
  5. Cabana Cotton Hip G Thong - 3 PackCabana Cotton Hip G Thong - 3 Pack
    OnGossamer 1412p3
    Cabana Cotton Hip G Thong - 3 Pack
    $48.00 $38.40
  6. Signature Lace Retro ThongSignature Lace Retro Thong
    Hanky Panky 9k1926
    Signature Lace Retro Thong
    121 Reviews
  7. Sleek ThongSleek Thong
    Calvin Klein d3509
    Sleek Thong
    32 Reviews
    $15.00 $12.00
  8. Organic Cotton High Cut ThongOrganic Cotton High Cut Thong
    Only Hearts 51707
    Organic Cotton High Cut Thong
    2 Reviews
    $33.00 $26.40
  9. CK One Thong - 7 PackCK One Thong - 7 Pack
    Calvin Klein qf5937
    CK One Thong - 7 Pack
    $55.00 $32.95
  10. Gossamer Mesh Hip-G ThongGossamer Mesh Hip-G Thong
    OnGossamer 3512
    Gossamer Mesh Hip-G Thong
    29 Reviews
    $20.00 $14.95 - $16.00
  11. Delice ThongDelice Thong
    Simone Perele 12x700
    Delice Thong
    3 Reviews
  12. Madison Lace Trim ThongMadison Lace Trim Thong
    Prima Donna 066-2125
    Madison Lace Trim Thong
    $44.95 - $57.00
  13. Soire Confidence G-String - 3 PackSoire Confidence G-String - 3 Pack
    Cosabella scp3221
    Soire Confidence G-String - 3 Pack
    $50.00 $40.00
  14. Thong Low-RiseThong Low-Rise
    Commando ct
    Thong Low-Rise
    71 Reviews
  15. Supima Cotton Low Rise Thong - 3 PackSupima Cotton Low Rise Thong - 3 Pack
    Hanky Panky 8915813
    Supima Cotton Low Rise Thong - 3 Pack
    3 Reviews
  16. Never Say Never Skimpie Lace G-StringNever Say Never Skimpie Lace G-String
    Cosabella nev0221
    Never Say Never Skimpie Lace G-String
    10 Reviews
    $19.75 $15.80
  17. Superboost Lace ThongSuperboost Lace Thong
    Gossard 7716
    Superboost Lace Thong
    3 Reviews
    $32.00 $15.99 - $25.60
  18. Scalloped Embroidery Lace Crotchless ThongScalloped Embroidery Lace Crotchless Thong
    Shirley of Hollywood 10
    Scalloped Embroidery Lace Crotchless Thong
    40 Reviews
    $19.00 $15.20
  19. Bliss Flex Thong PantyBliss Flex Thong Panty
    Natori 771276
    Bliss Flex Thong Panty
    $20.00 $13.95
  20. Lush Thong PantyLush Thong Panty
    Natori 771309
    Lush Thong Panty
  21. Bliss Perfection One Size High Rise ThongBliss Perfection One Size High Rise Thong
    Natori 771092
    Bliss Perfection One Size High Rise Thong
    1 Review
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Thong Thong Panties | Buy Thong Underwear | HerRoom
Eye-catching and functional, thong underwear is now the mainstay of most women's lingerie drawers. Thongs have become the lingerie of choice for women of all ages because there's nothing better than a no-show thong under tight-fitting pants, dresses and skirts. A thong sets on the hips like a bikini panty, but instead of having a full back panel, it has a thinner strip of fabric leaving the behind exposed. Widely considered a more daring and uncomfortable women’s underwear style, new thong panty designs have become quite comfortable and popular with women of all shapes and sizes. Add a little excitement o your wardrobe by buying thongs from HerRoom! Why wear thongs Though thongs offer very little support or coverage, their minimalist design offers many advantages over traditional panties. Some of these include: No panty lines An extremely sexy look A great tease under sheer sleepwear Pair well with a matching bra to make a sexy lingerie set Available in low-rise options to wear under low-rise pants and jeans Very comfortable when sized and worn correctly How to wear a thong Thongs were initially thought to be uncomfortable by the masses because when a woman went to put it on, she pulled it up as if she were putting on a brief. Thongs were designed to rest on the hips. So, naturally, women sensed the discomfort of the thong being too high in the crotch. However, most thong manufacturers have jumped on the band wagon and lengthened the rise of thongs. Eventually, most women came back, tried on a thong again, and found them more comfortable. Today, with low-rise pants on the market, thongs come in both high-rise and low-rise styles. Thong underwear styles and buying tips G-Strings are not considered a piece of underwear to be worn all day. Rios and tangas can be worn all day. To eliminate panty lines, select a thong without lace or trims. If you want a thong for everyday wear, find one that is soft, has some stretch and will not bind. If you’re a first-time thong wearer, the best starter thong will be one with a high rise and a wide waistband. Women with generous hips will look the best in a rio style because it creates a curvy line around the hips. Thong materials The type of fabric is mostly a personal preference, but, as usual, there are some things to take into consideration: Cotton is always a great choice because it breathes, absorbs and is soft. However, 100% cotton will eventually stretch and lose its shape. Stretch is always good. The more your thong stretches, the more comfortable you will feel. Any embellishments on a thong will be visible if worn under tight-fitting clothing. If you select lace, make sure it is flat and stretches. Silk has the same properties as cotton but is thinner and feels sexier. For total elimination of panty lines, select a thong with die-cut edges. Modal fabrics are extremely soft, but the thong should still have a cotton crotch lining. Wicking fabrics are a good choice because they pull moisture away from your body. Don't forget colors! If you want a totally invisible look, a nude thong is your best choice. A black thong is always the sexiest - with or without lace detailing. A white thong is traditionally worn by brides. Wearing a white thong under white pants will absolutely show. Around Valentines Day, a red thong is the choice. Otherwise, wearing a red thong is a great way to send a very sexy message.