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What is a Sports Bra?  

A bra worn during athletic activities that limits breast bounce. They are designed to support the breasts for the most effective and comfortable workouts. All sports bras have a sports level rating based on the level of activity from High Impact to Low Impact. High-impact sports bras will provide the most amount of support, making them perfect for running, while low-impact bras will offer light support that is best for activities like yoga or walking. Most sports bras will use encapsulation styling or compression to keep the breasts in place. They are commonly wireless, although some styles use underwire for better support and separation. Many sports bras will also take advantage of performance technology, like anti-odor tech, breathable fabrics, moisture wicking, or quick drying. Women should have a variety of sports bras with different impact levels if they do more than one sports activity. 

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  1. Simone Underwire Sports BraSimone Underwire Sports Bra
    Wacoal 855170
    Simone Underwire Sports Bra
    775 Reviews
  2. Energise Underwire Sports Bra with J HookEnergise Underwire Sports Bra with J Hook
    Elomi el8041
    Energise Underwire Sports Bra with J Hook
    174 Reviews
  3. Wireless Sports BraWireless Sports Bra
    Panache 7341
    Wireless Sports Bra
    113 Reviews
  4. Ultimate Run Sports BraUltimate Run Sports Bra
    Shock Absorber S5044
    Ultimate Run Sports Bra
    176 Reviews
  5. No Bounce Cami Sports BraNo Bounce Cami Sports Bra
    Glamorise 1066
    No Bounce Cami Sports Bra
    373 Reviews
  6. Magic Lift Active Support BraMagic Lift Active Support Bra
    Glamorise 1005
    Magic Lift Active Support Bra
    247 Reviews
  7. Lindsey Contour Spacer Underwire Sports BraLindsey Contour Spacer Underwire Sports Bra
    Wacoal 853302
    Lindsey Contour Spacer Underwire Sports Bra
    35 Reviews
  8. Plus Size Underwire Sports BraPlus Size Underwire Sports Bra
    Sculptresse by Panache 9441
    Plus Size Underwire Sports Bra
    15 Reviews
  9. Brandi High Impact Underwire Sports BraBrandi High Impact Underwire Sports Bra
    Wacoal 855229
    Brandi High Impact Underwire Sports Bra
    26 Reviews
  10. Sonic Underwire Molded Spacer Sports BraSonic Underwire Molded Spacer Sports Bra
    Freya ac4892
    Sonic Underwire Molded Spacer Sports Bra
    265 Reviews
  11. The Ultimate Full Figure Soft Cup Sports BraThe Ultimate Full Figure Soft Cup Sports Bra
    Glamorise 1006
    The Ultimate Full Figure Soft Cup Sports Bra
    154 Reviews
  12. Yogi Sports BraYogi Sports Bra
    Natori 731050
    Yogi Sports Bra
    102 Reviews
  13. Racerback Full-Busted Underwire Sports BraRacerback Full-Busted Underwire Sports Bra
    Panache 5021r
    Racerback Full-Busted Underwire Sports Bra
    3 Reviews
  14. Dynamic Convertible Contour Sports BraDynamic Convertible Contour Sports Bra
    Natori 751245
    Dynamic Convertible Contour Sports Bra
    21 Reviews
  15. The Gym Underwire Sports BraThe Gym Underwire Sports Bra
    Prima Donna 6000410
    The Gym Underwire Sports Bra
    5 Reviews
  16. Underwire High Impact Sports BraUnderwire High Impact Sports Bra
    Glamorise 9066
    Underwire High Impact Sports Bra
    92 Reviews
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Sports Bras Sports Bras for Women | HerRoom

Sports Bras

A must-have for the active woman

Sports bras for women have revolutionized the way they exercise! Wide straps, broad cup coverage and compression and encapsulation to minimize breast bounce provide support and comfort during exercise. You can choose the sports bra that's best for your activity level – low impact, medium impact or high impact – and the style that’s right for you – encapsulation, compression, or a combination of both.

There are several different styles of sports bras on the market and each have their own advantages. Learn more about them here so you can choose the right sports bra for your body type, personal preferences, and level of physical activity.

Key sports bra styles

Compression sports bras keep breast motion to a minimum by pressing the breasts firmly to the chest. This sports bra style is best suited for women with small cup sizes, but there are styles available to support larger cup size women as well.

Encapsulation sports bras provide more shaping than compression sports bras and give you a more natural breast shape. This style is very popular among women with a C cup or larger because it is more comfortable for them. Each breast sits inside its own pocket rather than being compressed against the chest. Some encapsulation sports bras made for plus sizes may also include an underwire for even more support. 

Combination (compression and encapsulation) sports bras give you the ultimate support and the minimum amount of breast bounce during movement. The combination sports bra is a great option for high impact exercise. 

Women's Sports bras are offered in several styles, including front close, pullover, racerbacks, underwire, seamless bras, convertible straps and more. Racerback underwire sports bras are an extremely popular style that lots of women love. They feature quick-dry fabrics that wick away moisture, anti-microbial materials and ultra-light mesh and spacer foam. HerRoom carries dozens of styles for all sizes and impact levels, including max support sports bras and more. Check out our <a href=",301,30.html">Bounce Test videos</a> to compare many popular high-impact sports bras.