Leak Proof

What is a Leak-Proof Panty?  

A re-usable panty with a multi-layer crotch panel designed to catch and trap liquid without spillage while also keeping the wearer dry and odor-free. Also called period panties, this leak-proof underwear comes in a variety of absorbency levels, and are all machine washable.

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  1. Plus Size Light Leak Brief Panty - 3 PackPlus Size Light Leak Brief Panty - 3 Pack
    Just My Size 2010l3
    Plus Size Light Leak Brief Panty - 3 Pack
    3 Reviews
  2. Comfort Period Moderate Bikini PantyComfort Period Moderate Bikini Panty
    Hanes 42fdm3
    Comfort Period Moderate Bikini Panty
    1 Review
  3. Midi Workout Lady Leaks Brief PantyMidi Workout Lady Leaks Brief Panty
    Love Luna llu-370
    Midi Workout Lady Leaks Brief Panty
    1 Review
  4. Bikini Light Flow Period PantyBikini Light Flow Period Panty
    Maidenform dmlbkl
    Bikini Light Flow Period Panty
    1 Review
  5. Bikini Period Brief PantyBikini Period Brief Panty
    Love Luna llu-100
    Bikini Period Brief Panty
    1 Review
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Leak Proof Leak Proof Underwear For Women | HerRoom

Leakproof Panties

For those times when you want to make sure you have protection.

There's a new way to think about that time of the month or when you worry about bladder leakage.  Think leekprrof panties.  Also known as period panties, these panties are designed to protect you through your heaviest days, are highly absorbant and also washable.

Urinary incontinence is never pleasant.  And wearing disposable diapers, well... it's really all about dignity.  But wearing these specially designed panties is a game-changer. No more obvious bulk under your clothing. And, they look like normal panties.

Here's how these panties work.  They have multiple thin absorbant layers along with fused edges around your legs to draw in moisture and help lock in leaks.  Most are also deisgned to fight odor so that you feel fresh and dry.  Best of all, they are machine washable to be worn over and over again - just like normal panties.

Do these panties feel different than everyday panties? The answer is no.  This cateogory of panties are designed for all-day comfort. They even come in differnt absorbency levels - from light to heavy.  The heavy styles might feel slightly more substanial because of the many added layers to give you that extra leak protection you want. 

The light level is the most popular because its a great alternative to have right before or right after your period.  No worries of spotting.  These panties have you covered.