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  1. Scantilly Fascinate Brazilian PantyScantilly Fascinate Brazilian Panty
    Curvy Kate st1722
    Scantilly Fascinate Brazilian Panty
    1 Review
    $51.00 $33.95 - $40.80
  2. Lace Daze Brazilian PantyLace Daze Brazilian Panty
    Curvy Kate ck4420
    Lace Daze Brazilian Panty
    1 Review
    $36.00 $25.95 - $28.80
  3. Enclose High Waist Brief PantyEnclose High Waist Brief Panty
    Curvy Kate ck0632
    Enclose High Waist Brief Panty
    $37.00 $29.60
  4. Wonderfully Short PantyWonderfully Short Panty
    Curvy Kate ck6120
    Wonderfully Short Panty
    $35.00 $19.95 - $28.00
  5. Scantilly Exposed High Waist ThongScantilly Exposed High Waist Thong
    Curvy Kate st1212
    Scantilly Exposed High Waist Thong
    $46.00 $23.99 - $36.80
  6. Wonderfull Brief PantyWonderfull Brief Panty
    Curvy Kate ck1821
    Wonderfull Brief Panty
    $33.00 $15.99
  7. Victory Short PantyVictory Short Panty
    Curvy Kate ck9003
    Victory Short Panty
    1 Review
    $34.00 $16.99 - $27.20
  8. Scantilly Fascinate ThongScantilly Fascinate Thong
    Curvy Kate st1720
    Scantilly Fascinate Thong
    $45.00 $27.95 - $33.95
  9. Scantilly Buckle Up High Waist ThongScantilly Buckle Up High Waist Thong
    Curvy Kate st1521
    Scantilly Buckle Up High Waist Thong
    $51.00 $40.80
  10. Scantilly Tantric Brazilian PantyScantilly Tantric Brazilian Panty
    Curvy Kate st2120
    Scantilly Tantric Brazilian Panty
    $51.00 $40.80
  11. Scantilly Tough Love Tanga PantyScantilly Tough Love Tanga Panty
    Curvy Kate st0302
    Scantilly Tough Love Tanga Panty
    $51.00 $40.80
  12. Amaze High Waist Brief PantyAmaze High Waist Brief Panty
    Curvy Kate ck2217
    Amaze High Waist Brief Panty
    $37.00 $29.60
  13. Twice The Fun Reversible ThongTwice The Fun Reversible Thong
    Curvy Kate ck2420
    Twice The Fun Reversible Thong
    $28.00 $15.95
  14. Stand Out Thong PantyStand Out Thong Panty
    Curvy Kate ck9200
    Stand Out Thong Panty
    $33.00 $19.95 - $24.95
  15. Victory Wild Short PantyVictory Wild Short Panty
    Curvy Kate ck4720
    Victory Wild Short Panty
    $38.00 $20.95
  16. Delightfull High Waist Brief PantyDelightfull High Waist Brief Panty
    Curvy Kate ck1208
    Delightfull High Waist Brief Panty
    2 Reviews
    $33.00 $15.99
  17. Top Spot Short PantyTop Spot Short Panty
    Curvy Kate ck15201
    Top Spot Short Panty
    $34.00 $15.99
  18. Victory Allure Short PantyVictory Allure Short Panty
    Curvy Kate ck4121
    Victory Allure Short Panty
    $35.00 $19.95
  19. Wonderfully Print Short PantyWonderfully Print Short Panty
    Curvy Kate ck0612
    Wonderfully Print Short Panty
    $37.00 $29.60
  20. Centre Stage Deep Thong PantyCentre Stage Deep Thong Panty
    Curvy Kate ck3320
    Centre Stage Deep Thong Panty
    $35.00 $19.95 - $28.00
  21. Gin Fizz Brazilian PantyGin Fizz Brazilian Panty
    Curvy Kate ck4520
    Gin Fizz Brazilian Panty
    $36.00 $18.99
  22. Lifestyle Short PantyLifestyle Short Panty
    Curvy Kate ck5703
    Lifestyle Short Panty
    5 Reviews
    $30.00 $12.99 - $24.00
  23. Scantilly Fallen Angel High Waist Brazilian PantyScantilly Fallen Angel High Waist Brazilian Panty
    Curvy Kate st12208
    Scantilly Fallen Angel High Waist Brazilian Panty
    1 Review
    $49.00 $24.99
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Panties Panties & Underwear For Women | HerRoom

Shop Comfortable & Stylish Panties for Women

HerRoom has a large selection of women’s underwear from hundreds of panty brands that can flatter your figure and work with your outfits. Whether you prefer full-coverage underwear like briefs, boyshorts and bikinis or sexy panties like thongs, g-strings, and crotchless panties, we have a style for every size and shape. You can also choose from a range of fabrics and materials like breathable cotton, lovely lace, smooth satin, leak proof fabrics and more. 

What Style of Women’s Panties Should I Wear?

When selecting the best panties for everyday wear, you want to look for a style that is comfortable and non-binding, with coverage that makes you feel supported without showing obvious panty lines. 


Check out our Panty Styles Guide or watch our video “Best Panty Styles for Your Bottom Type” for help finding the best type of women’s underwear for you.

How Do I Get The Right Underwear Fit?

Panties should fit your contours without creeping up. Once the elastic is shot, they look dingy, or they become stretched out and no longer stay in place, they should be replaced. When that time comes, determining your panty size for new underwear requires that you know two things: your waist measurement and your hip measurement.


Check out our Panty Fitting Guide for information on how to measure your size and how to check that you’ve got the best fit.

How Do I Wash My Panties To Make Them Last?

Properly caring for your panties will help keep them looking fresh and fitting well for a longer time. Using gentle laundering methods can reduce wear on the elasticity of your underwear and protect the quality. View our Lingerie Washing Guidelines for information on ways to extend the lifespan of your lingerie.