How Large Cup-Sized Girls Find Their True Cup Size

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: "How Large Cup-Sized Girls Find Their True Cup Size" Length: 1:46

My friends over at Curvy Kate sent me some fabulous video footage.

If you are larger than a D cup size, you need to watch this.

Here is a model wearing a UK size 32FF.

I think most of us would conclude she is in the correct size.

But, she’s not.

Using the stoop and swoop technique, she is going to lean forward, pull her breast tissue up and in from under her arm... and also make sure that all her breast tissue is above her underwires.

She is now in this bra properly.

Having adjusted her breast tissue shows that she is actually in a bra with cups that are too small.

Her breasts are clearly spilling out of this 32FF bra.

Also note that her center panel is not resting on her sternum.

So now, with this same model, she is putting on a bra that is two cup sizes larger — from a 32FF (D5) to a 32GG (D7).

At first glance, this bra looks too big — there is obvious puckering at the top of the cup.

But again, this is before she does the stoop and swoop technique to position her breast tissue properly into this bra.

You now see that this model is correctly in this bra, and the fit is pretty perfect.

Her breasts are lifted, supported, and completely filling the cups without any spillage.

And the center panel is flush against her sternum.

A big thanks to Curvy Kate for sharing this footage with us.

The moral here? Don’t rush into thinking you have the right or wrong bra size on, until you properly adjust your breast tissue into your cups.

How Large Cup-Sized Girls Find Their True Cup Size

When it comes to bras, the most important things to look for are support and comfort. However if you’re a woman with a larger cup size, say DD cup or above, these two things are especially vital. Having larger breasts means you’re likely to experience more discomfort and sagging over time if you aren’t wearing a well-fitting bra with the support you need in the cups. And, without the proper lift and shape, you won’t feel as confident with your silhouette.

Finding the right cup size can be challenging when you get into the larger and more full-figure cup sizes. But it’s crucial! Without the right cup size, you won’t only likely feel uncomfortable — you could even experience pain caused by your bra — whether it’s too binding, too loose, or the underwires are in the wrong place, poking your breast tissue or leaving marks. Not to mention, you might find that you’re getting that unattractive breast tissue top and underarm spillage or puckered upper cups that no woman wants.

Don’t worry! You can find a bra you love that will give your large breasts the support and comfort you need to feel and look great all day. At HerRoom, we’ve created a wealth of helpful resources with expert tips and tricks to help you figure out what size is right for you — whether you’re a size A or K.

In this video, Tomima uses footage from one of HerRoom’s most popular DD+ cup size bra manufacturers, Curvy Kate, to address the common pitfalls of being in the wrong cup size. Using a large cup-size model to demonstrate, Tomima discusses how to use the scoop and swoop technique to make sure your breasts are properly filling your cups. Then, she points out the signs to look for to determine if your bra cup is too large or too small. You may be surprised what a difference just a simple size adjustment can make!