Why Underwires Can Pop Out Of Your Bra

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A bra’s underwire popping out from its casing is something that can occasionally happen. Here are some reasons.

1.Your band size is too large.

A band should fit snug and stay put around your torso.

If it’s loose and moving on your body, friction is created, and the underwire end is now working its way through the casing fabric that covers the underwire next to your body.

Eventually, a hole is created and the end of your underwire pokes out.

2. Improper laundering.

If you put your bras in the washer, without first closing the hooks and placing them in a laundry bag, the underwires can catch in one of the holes of the washing machine drum and be forced out of the casing.

3. Hot water and/or a dryer.

The casing is usually made from a different fabric than the rest of your bra.

Hot water can cause this casing to shrink, thus forcing the underwire to pop out.

A dryer on hot can also cause the casing to shrink.

But, you should never put your lingerie in a dryer.

4. The casing was sewn too tightly.

It’s unusual, but sometimes the manufacturer did not provide enough room for the underwire to have some necessary movement back and forth inside the casing.

In this case, the underwire can poke out through one of the ends.

A quick sewing up at the end of the casing, and the bra can usually be saved.

5. Quality underwires were not used.

Less expensive bras many times will not have quality underwires with polished edges and rounded/covered tips.

These substandard underwires can act as a saw and eventually cut through the fabric thus allowing your underwire to poke out.

6. The bra is getting old.

The typical life of a bra is about 6 months if worn frequently.

The wire eventually poking out is a sign that your bra simply needs to be replaced.

Making sure you:

  • Have the correct band size,
  • Launder properly, and
  • Are wearing quality bras will insure your underwires stay where they belong.

Why Underwires Can Pop Out of Your Bra

Women love underwires in bras for many reasons. They give you an extra boost, better support, and make you feel and look great. Most of us have at least a couple favorite underwire bras in our lingerie wardrobe, and they’re often the ones we wear the most. As popular and well-loved as underwire bras are, they also come with their own challenges. One of which? When your underwires pop out of your bra.

This doesn’t happen with all underwire bras, but you may have encountered this problem before. When an underwire starts to push its way out from underneath the fabric holding it in place, what you get is an irritating and uncomfortable bare piece of metal or plastic. And, considering where underwires poke out (either on the outsides near the underarms or the center near the center panel or gore), this is never a comfortable situation. When underwires pop out, they can poke your skin, cause irritation or even injury.

If you’ve ever had this happen with a favorite bra, you probably know how disappointing it feels to know it’s probably time to throw it away and find a replacement. You also might have wondered why this happens and how you can prevent it from happening in the future. In this video, we try to help by explaining the root causes of underwire protrusion.

Tomima has expert insider tips about what to avoid when you first choose a bra, such as an incorrect band size and other craftsmanship issues that can contribute to your underwires popping out over time. There are also key maintenance tips you can follow to help lengthen the life span of your bras and keep this issue from occurring. With thoughtful bra selection and care, you can reduce the risk of running into this problem by better understanding it!