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Why Buy Gossard Lingerie?  
Voted the UK's Lingerie Brand of the Year, Gossard has been making undergarments since the early 1900's. What started with corsets has grown into a stylish line of lingerie. Styles are sexy and fresh, including padded plunge bras, sheer stretch cups, lacy panties and thongs. British women who want something way beyond basic choose Gossard as their favorite brand. Try it and you'll see why.

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  1. Boost Sweetheart Plunge BraBoost Sweetheart Plunge Bra
    Gossard 11255
    Boost Sweetheart Plunge Bra
    1 Review
    $25.99 $20.79
  2. Glossies Lace Sheer ThongGlossies Lace Sheer Thong
    Gossard 13006
    Glossies Lace Sheer Thong
    1 Review
    $19.16 - $26.40
  3. Glossies Leopard Sheer BraGlossies Leopard Sheer Bra
    Gossard 13101
    Glossies Leopard Sheer Bra
    4 Reviews
    $70.00 $41.95 - $56.00
  4. Glossies Leopard Short PantyGlossies Leopard Short Panty
    Gossard 13104
    Glossies Leopard Short Panty
    3 Reviews
    $37.00 $20.95 - $29.60
  5. Glossies Leopard Sheer ThongGlossies Leopard Sheer Thong
    Gossard 13106
    Glossies Leopard Sheer Thong
    1 Review
    $33.00 $19.95 - $26.40
  6. Swirl Padded Plunge BraSwirl Padded Plunge Bra
    Gossard 17801
    Swirl Padded Plunge Bra
    $76.00 $60.80
  7. Swirl Short PantySwirl Short Panty
    Gossard 17804
    Swirl Short Panty
    $37.00 $29.60
  8. Swirl ThongSwirl Thong
    Gossard 17806
    Swirl Thong
    $33.00 $26.40
  9. Swirl Deep V BraletteSwirl Deep V Bralette
    Gossard 17808
    Swirl Deep V Bralette
    $76.00 $60.80
  10. Glossies Lotus Brief PantyGlossies Lotus Brief Panty
    Gossard 19003
    Glossies Lotus Brief Panty
    $37.00 $29.60
  11. Glossies Lotus Thong PantyGlossies Lotus Thong Panty
    Gossard 19006
    Glossies Lotus Thong Panty
    $33.00 $26.40
  12. Fiesta SuspenderFiesta Suspender
    Gossard 19702
    Fiesta Suspender
    $53.00 $39.95
  13. Envy Non Padded Plunge BraEnvy Non Padded Plunge Bra
    Gossard 19801
    Envy Non Padded Plunge Bra
    2 Reviews
    $51.95 $41.56
  14. Envy Thong PantyEnvy Thong Panty
    Gossard 19806
    Envy Thong Panty
    $32.00 $24.95
  15. Glossies Cheeky Short PantyGlossies Cheeky Short Panty
    Gossard 6254
    Glossies Cheeky Short Panty
    $32.00 $20.95 - $24.95
  16. Glossies Tanga Thong PantyGlossies Tanga Thong Panty
    Gossard 6256
    Glossies Tanga Thong Panty
    $29.00 $17.95
  17. Glossies High Waist Deep Brief PantyGlossies High Waist Deep Brief Panty
    Gossard 6272
    Glossies High Waist Deep Brief Panty
    2 Reviews
    $33.00 $26.40
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Gossard was founded in 1901 by Henry Williamson Gossard, an American who worked for a dressmaking company. While visiting Paris, Mr. Gossard became entranced by the famous actress Sarah Bernhardt, and was completely fascinated by a custom-made corset she was wearing on stage. An on-line photo gallery taken from the early twentieth century shows his line of corsets, shown with different ideal figure types, a masterful marketing ploy in that Victorian/Edwardian era. Through the years, famous British models were often used to promote the Gossard brand.  

He soon began making corsets and other undergarments in Chicago. He opened offices in London, where he started producing catalogs with corsets and brassieres. In a revolutionary stroke of genius, he moved the strings on corsets from the back to the front, making it easier to get in and out of. He finally ceased his business in the United States and moved to Britain and became involved in the Second World War effort, making bras for the Women's Royal Navy, as well as military sails and parachutes. Perhaps all this experience with various fabrics led to Silkskin girdles, made out of the new wonder material - nylon! Another of his inventions inclued the Perma-lift bra collection featured a bra cup insert for permanent lift. Gossard then began making beautiful fashion bras, including the famous Wonderbra.

The innovative SuperSmooth collection with no-stitch, no-seam technology provided invisibility under clothing as well as excellent support. More recently, Gossard won "Lingerie Brand of the Year 2013" by judges, and the UK's "Favorite Lingerie Brand of the Year 2013" by popular vote.

Gossard bras are available at HerRoom in band sizes 30-44 and cup sizes D to G, varying by style. Panties, garter belts and waist cincher come in sizes XS to XL with selected panties in 2X and 3X. The Gossard Retrolution moderate control corset and slip are available in bra sizes.

HerRoom will be receiving acclaimed Gossard lingerie frequently, so check back with us to see our latest!