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Why Buy Skin Lingerie?  
Going organic has never been so luxurious as it is with Skin lingerie. Their tops, tanks, slips, bottoms and panties are made of 100% organic pima cotton. The superfine knit fabric is lightweight and ultra-soft against your skin. And these versatile Skin intimates and undergarments work for sleep, loungewear and even casual wear. This is refined style at its natural best. 

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  1. Clio Crop Top BraClio Crop Top Bra
    Skin dcl12b
    Clio Crop Top Bra
    $60.00 $45.95
  2. Aurora Crop TankAurora Crop Tank
    Skin dcl148
    Aurora Crop Tank
    $70.00 $56.00
  3. Supernatural Electra BodysuitSupernatural Electra Bodysuit
    Skin dcl401b
    Supernatural Electra Bodysuit
    $110.00 $81.95
  4. Calypso LeggingCalypso Legging
    Skin dcl42b
    Calypso Legging
    $110.00 $88.00
  5. Aphrodite Slimmer ShortAphrodite Slimmer Short
    Skin dcl44b
    Aphrodite Slimmer Short
    $75.00 $60.00
  6. Hamam Spa RobeHamam Spa Robe
    Skin dlt80b
    Hamam Spa Robe
    $180.00 $144.00
  7. Organic Pima Jersey Racerback TankOrganic Pima Jersey Racerback Tank
    Skin em01r
    Organic Pima Jersey Racerback Tank
    1 Review
    $68.00 $54.40
  8. Gentry Tank BraletteGentry Tank Bralette
    Skin ocl11b
    Gentry Tank Bralette
    $78.00 $61.95
  9. Gemma Full Cut PantyGemma Full Cut Panty
    Skin ocl601b
    Gemma Full Cut Panty
    $36.00 $28.80
  10. Geniveve High-Rise Organic Pima Cotton PantyGeniveve High-Rise Organic Pima Cotton Panty
    Skin ocl602b
    Geniveve High-Rise Organic Pima Cotton Panty
    1 Review
    $45.00 $35.95
  11. Galia Hipster PantyGalia Hipster Panty
    Skin ocl62
    Galia Hipster Panty
    $34.00 $27.20
  12. Galen High Leg Brief PantyGalen High Leg Brief Panty
    Skin ocl63b
    Galen High Leg Brief Panty
    $36.00 $28.80
  13. Galila String Bikini PantyGalila String Bikini Panty
    Skin ocl67b
    Galila String Bikini Panty
    $34.00 $25.95
  14. Gracelynne BraletteGracelynne Bralette
    Skin ocl70
    Gracelynne Bralette
    $65.00 $44.95 - $52.00
  15. Whisperweight Gita BraletteWhisperweight Gita Bralette
    Skin ocl71b
    Whisperweight Gita Bralette
    1 Review
    $65.00 $52.00
  16. Carissa Sleep ShirtCarissa Sleep Shirt
    Skin oj102
    Carissa Sleep Shirt
    2 Reviews
    $105.00 $84.00
  17. Caleigh Long Sleeve T-shirtCaleigh Long Sleeve T-shirt
    Skin oj104b
    Caleigh Long Sleeve T-shirt
    $82.00 $59.95 - $65.60
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Skin was founded in 2003 by Susan Beischel, a rising clothing designer and entrepreneur. This luxury lifestyle brand has become successful due to its use of soft cotton and other fabrics, as well as versatile styling. Beischel discovered her career path at 15 when she started sewing her clothes for school. The wholesome Wisconsin country environment she was raised in gave her a life-long appreciation for nature and the purity of natural fabrics. Susan got a BA degree in retail management at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and graduated All-American National Champion in Women’s Track.  Her determined attitude and zeal for excellence typifies her work that yields luxurious, versatile sleepwear and loungewear collections year after year.

Stints at Neiman-Marcus and Ultimo gave her real-life experience before she opened her own lingerie boutique in a friend's retail store. Her goal was to design intimate clothing that was naturally elegant and soft.

Susan soon realized that there was a niche in sensual, sophisticated at-home fashions, so then founded the loungewear company, Skin. This brand features styles that may be worn for sleeping, lounging and going effortlessly from day to night.
Beischel's lounge fashions are an outgrowth of her unique viewpoint, which she calls "The Art of Sensual Living." The basic mission of Skin is to let women embrace life through all the senses, including touch, fragrance, and the lingering emotions that comes away from each encounter. Independent, creative women everywhere will appreciate her dedication to quality. Versatility and long wear are givens. 

Organic cotton is one of Susan's favorite fabrics to design with due to its purity and lack of pesticides and chemicals. is proud to carry these and other Skin fashions for your consummate comfort and enjoyment. Check back with us frequently to see our newest!