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Why Buy The Little Bra Company?  
If you wear an A-C cup and petite sizes, The Little Bra Company has just your style. Bras are not only pretty but designed to add a little something, with contour cups, push-up styles, plunge and demi-cup bras. Specifically made for smaller frames, they not only fit like a dream, but are a sexy, feminine addition to your lingerie wardrobe.

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  1. Elizabeth Petite Sports BraElizabeth Petite Sports Bra
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    Elizabeth Petite Sports Bra
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  2. Cyndy Wirefree Contour Racerback Sports BraCyndy Wirefree Contour Racerback Sports Bra
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    Cyndy Wirefree Contour Racerback Sports Bra
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The Little Bra Company

The Little Bra Company brings comfort and lift to women with small breasts. Designed especially for petite women who wear A. B and C cups, The Little Bra Company bras add cleavage where none existed. The bras are cut specifically to fit a smaller frame, the cups don't gap and are constructed in either wider-set or close-set cups for more cleavage. Styles are offered in basic and fashion colors with lace and other embellishments. The Little Bra Company knows women want style, comfort and great design when choosing their favorite bras. For petite women, in the past there had not been enough selection for them to find the perfect fit, and now The Little Bra Company brings it to them.

Emily Lau is the designer and founder of The Little Bra Company. She was a television producer before beginning her journey as a designer. She was frustrated about never being able to find a bra that gave her petite bust a lift. She finally began working with experts to design a perfectly fitting bra specifically for small breasts. In May 2007, her designs and hard work came to life. She began making bras that fit smaller frames, but were also sexy and not just overstuffed for cleavage. As her business progressed, she came to realize that petite breasts also vary, and may be close-set or wide-set, which has been incorporated into individual styles. 

Almost all of the bras in The Little Bra Company offer a push-up function to provide a beautiful silhouette. Among the bestsellers, the Lucia Lace Plunge is quite the sexy number with its supportive underwire with lace overlay that continues along the straps. This sexy petite bra has been featured in the New York Times, InStyle Magazine and Body Magazine. In 2011, The Lingerie Addict Awards recognized The Little Bra Company for the “Best Small Bust Brand.” The Elizabeth style offers a petite-proportioned sports bra with the popular racerback for full shoulder motion, something petite women may have had a difficult time finding, in gorgeous fashion colors as well as black and ivory.  

Customers love the natural lift and feel of the bras. One customer who bought the famous Lucia bra said, “I just got home from a long day at work, changed into my pajamas, and forgot that I was wearing a bra. Yes, it's pretty and sexy and gives me a boost, but most importantly it is very comfortable. The first thing I noticed is that I am not tugging at my bra straps all day long to keep them on my petite shoulders. I don't feel the wire digging into my sides. No wire marks on my skin either. Nor do I have to pull the bra down because it keeps riding up. The bra truly fits me well.”

One way The Little Bra Company gives back each October is by donating a percentage of sales to the Foundation for Living Beauty, which provides free help to women who are living with cancer, offering wellness retreats, workshops that educate about breast health, and other supportive events. In addition, The Little Bra Company donates thousands of their bras to women who have been displaced by natural disasters.  

The Little Bra Company provides women with smaller breasts the comfort of a great fit, and a way to feel seductive without having cosmetic surgery or stuffing bras with a bunch of padding. Looking natural and feeling great is what The Little Bra Company designs bring to women, and HerRoom is very proud to offer this beautiful collection of bras to our petite customers.