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Why Buy Hanky Panky Lingerie?  
Made of soft stretch lace, Hanky Panky lingerie is offered in dozens of colors and in many styles - both comfortable and chic.

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  1. Signature Lace Retro V-kini PantySignature Lace Retro V-kini Panty
    Hanky Panky 9k2124
    Signature Lace Retro V-kini Panty
    97 Reviews
  2. Plus Size Unlined Basic CamisolePlus Size Unlined Basic Camisole
    Hanky Panky 1390lx
    Plus Size Unlined Basic Camisole
    9 Reviews
    $44.95 - $58.00
  3. Signature Lace V-kini PantySignature Lace V-kini Panty
    Hanky Panky 482374
    Signature Lace V-kini Panty
    119 Reviews
    $24.95 - $34.00
  4. Original Rise Signature Lace Thongs - 5 PackOriginal Rise Signature Lace Thongs - 5 Pack
    Hanky Panky 4811fp
    Original Rise Signature Lace Thongs - 5 Pack
    1 Review
  5. Supima Cotton French Brief PantySupima Cotton French Brief Panty
    Hanky Panky 892461
    Supima Cotton French Brief Panty
    12 Reviews
  6. Signature Lace Retro ThongSignature Lace Retro Thong
    Hanky Panky 9k1926
    Signature Lace Retro Thong
    121 Reviews
  7. Signature Lace French Bikini PantiesSignature Lace French Bikini Panties
    Hanky Panky 461
    Signature Lace French Bikini Panties
    73 Reviews
  8. Daily Lace Boyshort PantyDaily Lace Boyshort Panty
    Hanky Panky 771201
    Daily Lace Boyshort Panty
    $24.95 - $34.00
  9. Supima Cotton Low Rise Thong - 3 PackSupima Cotton Low Rise Thong - 3 Pack
    Hanky Panky 8915813
    Supima Cotton Low Rise Thong - 3 Pack
    3 Reviews
  10. Dream Modal Boyshort PantyDream Modal Boyshort Panty
    Hanky Panky 631274
    Dream Modal Boyshort Panty
    $22.95 - $29.00
  11. Signature Lace Boyshort PantiesSignature Lace Boyshort Panties
    Hanky Panky 4812
    Signature Lace Boyshort Panties
    250 Reviews
  12. Breathe Boyshort PantyBreathe Boyshort Panty
    Hanky Panky 6j1281b
    Breathe Boyshort Panty
    $22.95 - $29.00
  13. Daily Lace Girl Brief PantyDaily Lace Girl Brief Panty
    Hanky Panky 772441
    Daily Lace Girl Brief Panty
    $22.95 - $34.00
  14. Supima Cotton Boyshort PantySupima Cotton Boyshort Panty
    Hanky Panky 891281
    Supima Cotton Boyshort Panty
    5 Reviews
  15. Daily Lace CamisoleDaily Lace Camisole
    Hanky Panky 774731
    Daily Lace Camisole
    $39.95 - $58.00
  16. Signature Lace Retro Hot Pant PantySignature Lace Retro Hot Pant Panty
    Hanky Panky 9k1251
    Signature Lace Retro Hot Pant Panty
    17 Reviews
  17. Low Rise Pattern ThongsLow Rise Pattern Thongs
    Hanky Panky 4911ptn
    Low Rise Pattern Thongs
    13 Reviews
    $15.95 - $25.00
  18. Signature Lace Pattern French Brief PantySignature Lace Pattern French Brief Panty
    Hanky Panky 461ptn
    Signature Lace Pattern French Brief Panty
    6 Reviews
    $19.95 - $36.00
  19. Signature Lace Original Rise Thongs - 3 PackSignature Lace Original Rise Thongs - 3 Pack
    Hanky Panky 48113pk
    Signature Lace Original Rise Thongs - 3 Pack
    1 Review
  20. Supima Cotton Original Rise ThongSupima Cotton Original Rise Thong
    Hanky Panky 891801
    Supima Cotton Original Rise Thong
    14 Reviews
  21. Signature Lace Pattern V-kini PantySignature Lace Pattern V-kini Panty
    Hanky Panky 482374p
    Signature Lace Pattern V-kini Panty
    2 Reviews
    $19.95 - $34.00
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Feel how comfortable sexy can be with intimate apparel from Hanky Panky. This USA company is known for sensuous bras, panties and camisoles. The Hanky Panky thongs - the 4811 High Rise and the 4911 Low Rise styles - are the collection's most popular items, constructed in Hanky Panky's signature stretch lace, and in a wide range of beautiful colors. Hanky Panky has an enormous celebrity following who like the comfort and the sexy look of the line, and they purchase the thongs and G-strings in several colors, coordinated with bras and camisoles.

The original thong was designed back in 1986 by Gale Epstein, a co-owner and Hanky Panky's Creative Director. This thong had a cult-like following in New York City, where it was designed. But, then a big break came to the company in June 2006 when the Wall Street Journal did a front-page story on their thong - anointing it the most comfortable thong on the market. This article catapulted this boutique manufacturer into the mainstream of lingerie companies. The company has seen cataclysmic growth and continues to expand its offering to keep up with demand.

Unique to the Hanky Panky lingerie brand is the fact that all their products are made in the USA. Although it would be easy to take their manufacturing offshore, Hanky Panky's co-owners, Lida Orzeck and Gale Epstein are committed to the craftsmanship found in the USA. All Hanky Panky panties and thongs are created using the best construction methods available. Believe it or not, each thong consumes over 30 yards of thread. And, more thread means more stitches, and more stitches means the product is more durable and of higher in quality. Additionally, being made in the USA saves time and reduces shipping costs as well as fuel usage.

Sustainability is another priority for the Hanky Panky brand. They try to be as environmentally responsible as possible. To that end, their offices use 100 percent recycled paper for all their copiers and printers, their packaging is executed with 100 percent recycled board and paper. The leftover fabric is all donated to arts and crafts groups.

At HerRoom, the Hanky Panky collection includes several panty styles, Hanky Panky bras, slips, chemises, camisoles and concealers. The signature lace is prominent in the collection, though several new items to the line are created in luxurious triple-mesh nylon or microfiber. The thongs and panties make great bridal gifts in white or ivory, and bridesmaids will want them to match their dresses, too.

Lingerie by Hanky Panky is designed and manufactured in New York City, and carried almost exclusively in high-end lingerie boutiques in large cities. You can purchase Hanky Panky now at HerRoom.

Hanky Panky