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Why Buy La Leche League Clothing?  
Who better than La Leche League to make functional, modern nursing bras? Including wireless and contour/t-shirt underwire styles, seamless, strapless and sports bras, all have easy one-hand openings. These are nursing bras and camisoles for on-the-go moms who want comfortable fit, easy function and a fresh take on fashion. As a bonus, Q-T Intimates donates a portion of sales to support La Leche League International. 

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  1. Heavenly Wireless Padded Nursing Bra with LaceHeavenly Wireless Padded Nursing Bra with Lace
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    Heavenly Wireless Padded Nursing Bra with Lace
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La Leche League

La Leche League nursing bras are the perfect innovative bra for the nursing mother. The body of a pregnant woman grows along with the baby inside. A fuller bust can become a problem for the regular bra as it becomes quite uncomfortable. La Leche League provides an answer to this as the bras are designed to support breasts during pregnancy, when breastfeeding and after nursing ends. All designs in the La Leche League collection have easy-to-open cups, a supportive inner system and impeccable style. This collection is designed with the busy mother in mind. The supportive sling is designed to allow extra bracing while nursing. It has nursing clasps in front, adjustable shoulder straps and smooth backs.

The ingenuity behind this collection of nursing bras is the La Leche League International. The LLLI is a worldwide organization providing information and support to breastfeeding mothers and has been around for over 50 years. The LLLI partnered with Q-T Intimates, manufacturers of lingerie since 1945 to develop a line of high-quality, high-fashion nursing bras and lingerie. With every purchase of a La Leche League product, QT Intimates gives a portion to the LLLI to support their programs and services.

One of the most important aspects for a nursing mother is finding a supportive quality maternity bra that will give her comfort and make her still feel beautiful. In addition to easy access nursing bras, there are other options to help the woman feel sexy and supported. The sleeveless nursing chemise feels silky smooth to sleep in, yet provides easy access for nighttime or morning feedings. La Leche League's Long Nursing Camisole 4221 provides fold-down cups and may be worn with your favorite jeans, shorts or a skirt. Each item in the La Leche League collection is also designed to be worn after nursing ceases. The elegance and comfort of each item is put to the test. La Leche League's High Impact Pull-Over Sports Bra 4102 is a superior sports bra for nursing mothers, with a full inner sling and plastic buckles that unsnap so cup folds down.  The support, breathability and comfort combined with the fold-down cup is a must-have for active mothers on the go.

La Leche League customers say the best thing about the nursing bras is there is an overlapping slit opening instead of a circular opening. This gives the mother more access and keeps her well covered. Others love the La Leche pullover sports bra and the strapless nursing bra because they are comfortable and easy to use. They offer the same clasp as the other bras. The only differences are wider straps and a racer back. The strapless version comes with removable pads that give it a look of seamlessness.

The La Leche League maternity collection keeps up with the mother as they try to keep up with the baby. Life is always growing and changing. This collection gives the mothers a way to be proud of their nursing bra and not afraid to use it. While regular bras let you down as your breasts change sizes, those in the La Leche League collection will keep you both stylish and supported without worry.