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Why Buy Aspen Dream?  

Aspen Dream brings you cashmere-like softness and the wonderful cotton-like qualities in viscose from bamboo blended with spandex for a soft touch. This blend is brushed for an exquisitely comfortable touch, whether you're lounging around or sleeping soundly. Viscose from bamboo has very thin fibers that make a breathable, light fabric that won't stick to you in warm weather. And, it's durable as well as easy care, being machine washable. Aspen Dream really is a dream come true!

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Aspen Dream

Aspen, Colorado is where Aspen Dream was first visualized, fittingly enough by two immigrant women who were pursuing their own American dream. Aspen Dream's owners, Kateryna Sukhanenko and Anastasia Starygina, created their own line of sleepwear and loungewear, purposely selecting cozy, comfortable fabrics for your wearing pleasure.
Aspen Dream's ultra-soft viscose from bamboo is especially popular, with a hypoallergenic property, moisture wicking, and surface temperature regulation that keeps you 3 degrees cooler than average fabrics. Bamboo forests are a natural occurence, adding 35% more oxygen to the atmosphere, and bamboo plants grow up to 3 feet per day, making the fabric source very sustainable. Included in the viscose from bamboo collection: tailored pajama sets with notched collar top and ankle-length pants, joggers, long and short sleeve tops, camisoles, and more. 

Aspen Dream's Cozy collection is fashioned from an ultra-soft rayon blend for your casual downtime.