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Why Buy Jantzen Swimsuits for Women?  
No one knows swimwear like Jantzen; they've been making innovative, fashionable swimsuits since the early 20th century. Today their comfortable, colorful suits are just as stylish, including the one-piece suits they're known for, two-piece suits and swim dresses. You can even get support and hidden shaping from powermesh lining. Jantzen knows how to make women look great in swimwear. 

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Jantzen swimwear is an iconic legacy brand that was founded in Portland, Oregon as the Portland Knitting Company. Carl Jantzen and Roy and John Zehntbauer first started manufacturing wool suits for rowing teams. After their endeavour gained popularity, they changed their name to Jantzen Knitting Mills. One-piece swimsuits are Jantzen's specialty, having been perfected by decades of construction know-how and the most up-to-date swim fabrics. In the 1920's, Jantzen's Red Diving Girl became internationally famous, with celebrity endorsements that included Olympic winner Johnny Weismuller, who later became "Tarzan" in many movies. In the 1930's, Jantzen catalogs featured many famous actors and actresses. The strapless look came into vogue, as well as lastex, a rubberized yarn that gave more stretch to swimsuits. During the 1940's, after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Jantzen turned their attention to military needs, making swimwear for the troops, as well as parachutes. In 1946, the French invented the bikini, which led the way for more brevity in the styles, and a sexier look. Advancements in transportation in the 1950's made it easier for Americans to visit beaches, lakes and parks; and jet airliners made intercontinental flights to foreign beaches more affordable, leading to more demand for swimwear. The last decades of the twentieth century saw an explosion in improved swim fabrics and the women's movement, leading to more freedom in wearing sexy swimwear styles. Jantzen continues to be iconic in the swimwear industry, delivering fashionable one-piece and bikini separates styles that are colorful, comfortable and supportive. Swim dresses with attached briefs provide a modest, pretty look with great coverage. Many styles include front powermesh linings to flatten the tummy. Jantzen tankini and bikini separates are also represented, with bikini tops that fit D and DD cups.