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Why Buy Patagonia Clothing for Women?  
You don't need to be a mountain climber to appreciate Patagonia activewear. From swimming to snowboarding to yoga, this is hard-wearing performance gear. Tops, swimwear, sports bras, pants and base layers are designed for comfort, temperature control and ease of movement. The brand is famous for innovations in fabrics and construction--all with the goal of outfitting you for every adventure. 

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  1. Nano Puff JacketNano Puff Jacket
    Patagonia 84217
    Nano Puff Jacket
    $183.95 - $229.00
  2. Better Sweater Fleece Full Zip JacketBetter Sweater Fleece Full Zip Jacket
    Patagonia 25543
    Better Sweater Fleece Full Zip Jacket
    $118.95 - $159.00
  3. Capilene Cool Daily Crew Neck Short Sleeve ShirtCapilene Cool Daily Crew Neck Short Sleeve Shirt
    Patagonia 45225
    Capilene Cool Daily Crew Neck Short Sleeve Shirt
    4 Reviews
    $26.95 - $39.00
  4. Houdini Packable Rain JacketHoudini Packable Rain Jacket
    Patagonia 24147
    Houdini Packable Rain Jacket
    1 Review
    $75.95 - $109.00
  5. Barely Everyday BraBarely Everyday Bra
    Patagonia 32330
    Barely Everyday Bra
  6. Capilene Cool Daily Long Sleeve Crew Neck T-ShirtCapilene Cool Daily Long Sleeve Crew Neck T-Shirt
    Patagonia 45185
    Capilene Cool Daily Long Sleeve Crew Neck T-Shirt
    2 Reviews
    $29.95 - $49.00
  7. Capilene Cool Daily TankCapilene Cool Daily Tank
    Patagonia 45295
    Capilene Cool Daily Tank
    3 Reviews
    $35.00 $19.95 - $27.95
  8. Body Active Brief PantyBody Active Brief Panty
    Patagonia 32396
    Body Active Brief Panty
    1 Review
  9. Body Active Hipster PantyBody Active Hipster Panty
    Patagonia 32410
    Body Active Hipster Panty
    2 Reviews
  10. Midrise Pack Out TightsMidrise Pack Out Tights
    Patagonia 21995
    Midrise Pack Out Tights
    $88.95 - $119.00
  11. Capilene Cool Trail TankCapilene Cool Trail Tank
    Patagonia 24517
    Capilene Cool Trail Tank
    $24.95 - $39.00
  12. 3.5 Inch Strider Shorts3.5 Inch Strider Shorts
    Patagonia 24654
    3.5 Inch Strider Shorts
    1 Review
    $55.00 $37.95
  13. Maipo 7/8 TightsMaipo 7/8 Tights
    Patagonia 24845
    Maipo 7/8 Tights
    $63.95 - $99.00
  14. Nether Bike Liner ShortsNether Bike Liner Shorts
    Patagonia 24975
    Nether Bike Liner Shorts
    $69.00 $47.95
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The name Patagonia is synonymous with outdoor adventure, environmental responsibility and innovative, hard-wearing gear and activewear. High-performance clothing needs the best materials; when Patagonia  can't find that, they work with suppliers to develop new fabrics. Innovations over the years have included Synchilla® fleece, Capilene® base layers and Regulator® insulation.

Patagonia's women's collection includes bras, panties, base crew shirts, zip tops, tees, camis, capris and long base layer bottoms.  Patagonia active sports bras are made of body-conforming fabric that provides support and comfort while wicking away moisture.  Bra styles include a seamless, wireless everyday bra in a pullover style and a lightweight crop bra best suited for women who wear A and B cup sizes. Customers say that Patagonia bras are unbelievably light and fit perfectly.  Patagonia women's underwear is of the same  high quality as everything they make. There are various panty styles including boy shorts, low-rise hipsters, bikinis and briefs, many of which complement a matching bra.

They also offer a selection of base layer garments, designed to keep you warm and dry during strenuous outdoor activities--whether snowboarding, climbing, running, skiing or whatever you love doing. Many layering pieces are made of patented Capilene, which is fabricated from recycled polyester. There are several levels of Capilene fabric for different levels of exertion. Capilene features Patagonia's Gladiodor odor control and it is fast drying, moisture-wicking, 100% recyclable and machine washable. Capilene shirt styles include a pullover mock turtleneck, a half-zip full neck top, both brushed for softness with slim contours. Every construction detail is carefully thought out to provide warmth, range of movement, ventilation and comfort. Capilene bottoms provide a naturally stretchy fit and softness as well as all of the temperature and moisture control properties you would expect from Patagonia.

All of Patagonia's fabrics are both environmentally responsible and high-performing. Other materials include 100% organically grown cotton, hemp and merino wool. Their merino wool, which is exceptionally warm without being heavy, and is washed for softness without the use of chlorine, making it kinder to the environment.  Their high standards: clothing should be supple, comfortable against the skin, long-lasting, easy to care for, beautiful and meticulously constructed. This applies to all Patagonia's activewear bras, camisoles, panties and tights.

When you buy Patagonia you're also buying into environmental responsibility on a global scale.  1% of sales has been donated  to hundreds of environmental groups in the U.S., Europe and Japan. Manufacturing and growing practices do the least possible environmental harm, focusing as much as possible on organic and recycled materials. Since 1993, Patagonia has had a unique product line of fleece that utilizes post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.  Patagonia even recycles their own products, establishing a garment recycling program. Using old or worn out Capilene base layer garments, Polartec fleece and Patagonia fleece, they employ an innovative process to make brand new garments.

With every Patagonia garment you buy, you can expect clothing that stands up to the most rigorous activities, is long-lasting and highly functional. The company's mission statement lets you know exactly what you're getting when you buy Patagonia products. Patagonia's goal is to make the best possible products causing the least amount of harm to the environment. They work hard to use sources and manufacturing processes that create high-performance gear that is also environmentally responsible.