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Why Buy Brooks Sports Bras, Shorts, Leggings, & Tops?  
This is activewear designed by women for women. Featuring active styles that don't rub or chafe, with no pinching or binding. Sports bras are designed for maximum high impact support and are tested extensively. The line includes their popular sports bras, yoga and running bottoms as well as tees and tanks, many in plus sizes too. You deserve activewear that works as hard as you do. Brooks delivers. 

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  1. Dash DriLayer 1/2 ZipDash DriLayer 1/2 Zip
    Brooks 221433
    Dash DriLayer 1/2 Zip
    $0.00 - $70.00
  2. Chaser 3 Inch ShortChaser 3 Inch Short
    Brooks 221463
    Chaser 3 Inch Short
    $44.95 - $60.00
  3. Chaser 5 Inch 2-In-1 ShortChaser 5 Inch 2-In-1 Short
    Brooks 221464
    Chaser 5 Inch 2-In-1 Short
    $49.95 - $72.00
  4. Chaser 5 Inch ShortChaser 5 Inch Short
    Brooks 221465
    Chaser 5 Inch Short
  5. Chaser 7 Inch ShortChaser 7 Inch Short
    Brooks 221466
    Chaser 7 Inch Short
    $49.95 - $66.00
  6. Distance Short Sleeve TeeDistance Short Sleeve Tee
    Brooks 221472
    Distance Short Sleeve Tee
    $0.00 - $34.00
  7. Distance TankDistance Tank
    Brooks 221473
    Distance Tank
  8. Method 1/2 Crop TightMethod 1/2 Crop Tight
    Brooks 221477
    Method 1/2 Crop Tight
    $41.95 - $78.00
  9. Method 5 Inch Short TightMethod 5 Inch Short Tight
    Brooks 221478
    Method 5 Inch Short Tight
    2 Reviews
    $54.00 $24.99 - $39.95
  10. Method 8 Inch Short TightMethod 8 Inch Short Tight
    Brooks 221480
    Method 8 Inch Short Tight
    $58.00 $26.99 - $37.95
  11. Method 3/4 Crop TightMethod 3/4 Crop Tight
    Brooks 221522
    Method 3/4 Crop Tight
    $50.95 - $84.00
  12. Method 5 Inch Short TightMethod 5 Inch Short Tight
    Brooks 221523
    Method 5 Inch Short Tight
    $32.95 - $60.00
  13. Method 7/8 Length Crop TightMethod 7/8 Length Crop Tight
    Brooks 221524
    Method 7/8 Length Crop Tight
    $65.95 - $90.00
  14. Method 8 Inch Short TightMethod 8 Inch Short Tight
    Brooks 221525
    Method 8 Inch Short Tight
    $37.95 - $64.00
  15. Run Within Crop TankRun Within Crop Tank
    Brooks 221528
    Run Within Crop Tank
    1 Review
    $50.00 $27.95 - $37.95
  16. Speedwork Short TightSpeedwork Short Tight
    Brooks 221532
    Speedwork Short Tight
    $50.00 $23.99
  17. Sprint Free Short Sleeve TeeSprint Free Short Sleeve Tee
    Brooks 221534
    Sprint Free Short Sleeve Tee
    $0.00 - $40.00
  18. Sprint Free TankSprint Free Tank
    Brooks 221535
    Sprint Free Tank
    1 Review
    $0.00 - $38.00
  19. Distance Short Sleeve TeeDistance Short Sleeve Tee
    Brooks 221544
    Distance Short Sleeve Tee
    $34.00 $18.95 - $23.95
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Brooks started in 1977 in Arlington, Virginia, when two women runners decided they were tired of wearing men's jogging activewear.  They began creating sportswear designed for women by women. Many of their designs helped prevent discomforts that bothered women when running: thigh rubbing, armpit chafing and pinching. Brooks' sports bras are designed in conjunction with the Research Group in Breast Health at the University of Portsmouth to do lab testing utilizing the biomechanical movements of breasts during running. Brooks is mastering the scientific aspects of developing running bras that are comfortable for every woman.

And now, rolling out two brand-new Brooks sports bra collections, the Drive collection features compression-centered support with flexible hold. Lightweight fabric as well as removable padding deliver comfort for your running needs. Back designs range from kicked-in, to racerback and sexy interwoven looks. The new Dare collection is especially engineered for women who want encapsulation support to contain and support you. Molded cups contain and hold you in a wide range of sizes. Featuring great styles like a zip front, innovative backs and an underwire style for full bust support.  Both collections offer comfort especially geared to the high impact of running. 

Run Happy. Live Healthy. Brooks is all about helping non-discriminatory agencies, donating time, gear and money to help communities promote a healthy, active lifestyle. Brooks has donated thousands of dollars to Girls in the Game, which promotes fitness and health in girls aged 6 to 18.

Through their innovative sports bras, shorts, leggings, and tops, Brooks is helping women get up and going. They know an active lifestyle will help women be healthy in the future. A sports bra cannot force a woman to workout, but a comfortable, stylish bra can be a great initiative to begin a journey to a better life. Brooks points women in the direction of fitness on the road to being powerful.