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Why Buy Miraclesuit Clothing for Women & Miraclesuit Lingerie?  
From the unique fabrics to the figure-flattering designs, Miraclesuit swimwear for women is your figure's best friend. The brand is known for maximum control without constricting or binding. Styles are designed with patterns, draping and shirring that flatter your curves. From their popular swimsuits to undergarments and shapewear, look your best in our Miraclesuit lingerie and shapewear options. 

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  1. Sheer Shaping CamisoleSheer Shaping Camisole
    Miraclesuit 2782
    Sheer Shaping Camisole
    39 Reviews
    $65.00 $52.00
  2. Flexible Fit Shaping PantlinerFlexible Fit Shaping Pantliner
    Miraclesuit 2902
    Flexible Fit Shaping Pantliner
    8 Reviews
    $64.00 $51.20
  3. Wonderful Edge Light Shaping BriefWonderful Edge Light Shaping Brief
    Miraclesuit 2534
    Wonderful Edge Light Shaping Brief
    $27.00 $21.60
  4. Sheer Shaping BodybrieferSheer Shaping Bodybriefer
    Miraclesuit 2783
    Sheer Shaping Bodybriefer
    38 Reviews
    $75.00 $60.00
  5. Useppa Siren One Piece SwimsuitUseppa Siren One Piece Swimsuit
    Miraclesuit 6553317
    Useppa Siren One Piece Swimsuit
    $198.00 $149.95
  6. Plus Size Razzle Dazzle Underwire Tankini Swim TopPlus Size Razzle Dazzle Underwire Tankini Swim Top
    Miraclesuit 6518826
    Plus Size Razzle Dazzle Underwire Tankini Swim Top
    1 Review
  7. Inches Off Waist CincherInches Off Waist Cincher
    Miraclesuit 2615
    Inches Off Waist Cincher
    23 Reviews
    $54.00 $43.20
  8. Flexible Fit Waistline BriefFlexible Fit Waistline Brief
    Miraclesuit 2904
    Flexible Fit Waistline Brief
    $40.00 $32.00
  9. Ocean Ombre Love Knot Tankini Swim TopOcean Ombre Love Knot Tankini Swim Top
    Miraclesuit 6537547
    Ocean Ombre Love Knot Tankini Swim Top
    $138.00 $79.95
  10. Shape With An Edge Hi-Waist Thigh SlimmerShape With An Edge Hi-Waist Thigh Slimmer
    Miraclesuit 2709
    Shape With An Edge Hi-Waist Thigh Slimmer
    42 Reviews
    $57.00 $45.60
  11. Comfort Leg Shaping Waistline BriefComfort Leg Shaping Waistline Brief
    Miraclesuit 2804
    Comfort Leg Shaping Waistline Brief
    3 Reviews
    $40.00 $32.00
  12. Shape With An Edge Hi-Waist BriefShape With An Edge Hi-Waist Brief
    Miraclesuit 2705
    Shape With An Edge Hi-Waist Brief
    6 Reviews
    $49.00 $39.20
  13. Fit & Firm Waistline LeggingFit & Firm Waistline Legging
    Miraclesuit 2357
    Fit & Firm Waistline Legging
    $58.00 $46.40
  14. Fit & Firm Hi Waist Bike PantFit & Firm Hi Waist Bike Pant
    Miraclesuit 2358
    Fit & Firm Hi Waist Bike Pant
    $54.00 $43.20
  15. Cool Choice Hi-Waist Brief PantyCool Choice Hi-Waist Brief Panty
    Miraclesuit 2405
    Cool Choice Hi-Waist Brief Panty
    1 Review
    $52.00 $41.60
  16. Cool Choice Hi-Waist Thigh SlimmerCool Choice Hi-Waist Thigh Slimmer
    Miraclesuit 2409
    Cool Choice Hi-Waist Thigh Slimmer
    1 Review
    $59.00 $47.20
  17. Instant Tummy Tuck Hi-Waist Shaping BriefInstant Tummy Tuck Hi-Waist Shaping Brief
    Miraclesuit 2415
    Instant Tummy Tuck Hi-Waist Shaping Brief
    1 Review
    $54.00 $43.20
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Miraclesuit Shapewear and Swimwear brings shaping garments to a new level of greatness. Women of all different sizes use shapewear to smooth lines under their clothes, but it can often be uncomfortable and annoying throughout the day. Miraclesuit changes the whole definition of shapewear with its comfortable, fashionable products. Constructed of a blend of Nylon and Lycra spandex, Miraclesuit gives extra firm control while feeling light on the body. Miraclesuit uses its patented Wonderful Edge silicone gripper to prevent ride-up and eliminate panty lines. Wonderful Edge is a silicone band placed at the leg openings, waists, tops, and bottoms of products. It incorporates many distinct rows of silicone that stretch with the fabrics, making them breathable and comfortable.

Miraclesuit Shapewear was created in 2001 by intimate apparel company, Cupid Intimates. Cupid Intimates has been around since 1942 when they began making girdles after World War II.

Miraclesuit was born to give extra-firm support without being uncomfortable. The brand stood behind the slogan to, “Look ten pounds lighter in ten seconds.” Miraclesuit also makes women's swimwear that is perfect for women that need a little smoothing from their swimsuit.

Miraclesuit Shapewear is a favorite among celebrities and in magazines. Fashion guru and television personality, Tim Gunn demonstrated Miraclesuit's Hi-Waist Long Legs shaper on “The Revolution.” This shapewear offers extra firm control to smoothly shape your tummy, hips, midriff and thighs. Miraclesuit Shapewear and Swimwear allows women to feel comfortable in their own skin. To look ten pounds lighter in ten seconds is a dream for almost every woman no matter her shape or size. Whether you want to control your stomach, create contours or add shape to your hips, there is a Miraclesuit Shapewear or Swimwear style perfect for you. Swimwear is cut so that it automatically appears you are much lighter. Shapewear is made to mold to your body with a sense of soft comfort.

Customers praise the Miraclesuit Hi Waist Thigh Slimmer for its support and pleasant fit. The seamed construction provides excellent shaping. Another customer favorite is the Wonder Edge Hi-Waist Long Leg Slimmer. It sits higher on the body, but does not need a full bodysuit to trim focus areas like many other pieces of shapewear.

Miraclesuit is doing their part at all distribution and production centers by “going green.” They only use recycled materials for tags and cardboard cartons used to ship goods. Miraclesuit keeps the local local recycling center in Tonkawa, Oklahoma open by giving them donations. They also recycle cardboard, paper, plastic, aluminum, and printer cartridges.

Miraclesuit Shapewear is helping women feel the confidence they need to face the world. They don't have to worry about unsightly lines or bulging out of their clothing. Miraclesuit Shapewear helps them be able to breathe and look good throughout the day.