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Why Buy Calvin Klein Underwear for Women?  
The brand is known for a clean, modern simplicity of style. Bras and panties are youthful without being trendy. Their panties and boyshorts are sexy but still comfortable. Customers love Calvin Klein fabrics, which include pure cotton, utra-soft viscose and microfiber. Calvin Klein bras and panties are ideal for women of small-to-average build who care about quality combined with modern, fresh fashion.

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  1. Carousel Thong - 3 PackCarousel Thong - 3 Pack
    Calvin Klein qd5145
    Carousel Thong - 3 Pack
    $35.00 $28.00
  2. Bonded Flex Unlined Balconnet BraletteBonded Flex Unlined Balconnet Bralette
    Calvin Klein qf6609
    Bonded Flex Unlined Balconnet Bralette
    $52.00 $41.60
  3. Invisibles ThongInvisibles Thong
    Calvin Klein d3428
    Invisibles Thong
    20 Reviews
    $15.00 $12.00
  4. Invisibles Hipster PantyInvisibles Hipster Panty
    Calvin Klein d3429
    Invisibles Hipster Panty
    38 Reviews
    $15.00 $12.00
  5. Sleek ThongSleek Thong
    Calvin Klein d3509
    Sleek Thong
    32 Reviews
    $15.00 $12.00
  6. Sleek Bikini PantySleek Bikini Panty
    Calvin Klein d3510
    Sleek Bikini Panty
    24 Reviews
    $15.00 $12.00
  7. Modern Cotton Unlined Racerback BraletteModern Cotton Unlined Racerback Bralette
    Calvin Klein f3785
    Modern Cotton Unlined Racerback Bralette
    13 Reviews
    $30.00 $18.95 - $24.00
  8. Modern Cotton ThongModern Cotton Thong
    Calvin Klein f3786
    Modern Cotton Thong
    $20.00 $13.95 - $16.00
  9. Modern Cotton Bikini PantyModern Cotton Bikini Panty
    Calvin Klein f3787
    Modern Cotton Bikini Panty
    8 Reviews
    $22.00 $15.95 - $17.60
  10. Invisibles Thongs - 5 PackInvisibles Thongs - 5 Pack
    Calvin Klein qd3556
    Invisibles Thongs - 5 Pack
    1 Review
    $55.00 $34.95
  11. Invisibles Hipster Panty - 5 PackInvisibles Hipster Panty - 5 Pack
    Calvin Klein qd3557
    Invisibles Hipster Panty - 5 Pack
    $55.00 $44.00
  12. Invisibles Thong - 3 PackInvisibles Thong - 3 Pack
    Calvin Klein qd3558
    Invisibles Thong - 3 Pack
    3 Reviews
    $35.00 $23.95 - $28.00
  13. Invisibles Hipster Panty - 3 PackInvisibles Hipster Panty - 3 Pack
    Calvin Klein qd3559
    Invisibles Hipster Panty - 3 Pack
    $35.00 $28.00
  14. Carousel Thong - 5 PackCarousel Thong - 5 Pack
    Calvin Klein qd3585
    Carousel Thong - 5 Pack
    $49.00 $35.95
  15. Carousel Thong - 3 PackCarousel Thong - 3 Pack
    Calvin Klein qd3587
    Carousel Thong - 3 Pack
    6 Reviews
    $35.00 $20.95 - $28.00
  16. Carousel Bikini Panty - 3 PackCarousel Bikini Panty - 3 Pack
    Calvin Klein qd3588
    Carousel Bikini Panty - 3 Pack
    5 Reviews
    $35.00 $28.00
  17. Form Cotton Blend ThongForm Cotton Blend Thong
    Calvin Klein qd3643
    Form Cotton Blend Thong
    5 Reviews
    $15.00 $9.95 - $12.00
  18. Ultra-Soft Modal ThongUltra-Soft Modal Thong
    Calvin Klein qd3670
    Ultra-Soft Modal Thong
    1 Review
    $15.00 $8.95 - $12.00
  19. Ultra-Soft Modal Hipster PantyUltra-Soft Modal Hipster Panty
    Calvin Klein qd3672
    Ultra-Soft Modal Hipster Panty
    1 Review
    $15.00 $9.95 - $12.00
  20. Flirt Micro Lace ThongFlirt Micro Lace Thong
    Calvin Klein qd3705
    Flirt Micro Lace Thong
    $15.00 $8.95 - $12.00
  21. Flirt Micro Lace Bikini PantyFlirt Micro Lace Bikini Panty
    Calvin Klein qd3706
    Flirt Micro Lace Bikini Panty
    $15.00 $12.00
  22. Signature Cotton Bikini Panty - 5 PackSignature Cotton Bikini Panty - 5 Pack
    Calvin Klein qd3713
    Signature Cotton Bikini Panty - 5 Pack
    1 Review
    $59.50 $37.95
  23. Form Bikini Panty - 5 PackForm Bikini Panty - 5 Pack
    Calvin Klein qd3747
    Form Bikini Panty - 5 Pack
    1 Review
    $49.00 $23.99
  24. Micro Lace Trim Thong PantyMicro Lace Trim Thong Panty
    Calvin Klein qd3779
    Micro Lace Trim Thong Panty
    $15.00 $10.95
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Calvin Klein Lingerie and Underwear for Women

Known for iconic advertising campaigns featuring top models, celebrities and newly discovered talent, Calvin Klein lingerie continues to evolve its reputation as the brand of choice for consumers who want sexy, fashionable and comfortable bras and panties.

Every year the brand produces new lines introducing new basic and new cutting-edge designs. Current HerRoom customer favorites include the Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Collection, including t-shirt bras, wireless bras, racerback, push-up and plunge styles.

Calvin Klein makes just as much of a splash with their advertising campaigns as they do with their underwear collections, using models like Kate Moss and Christy Turlington. The brand also has a high celebrity quotient with both CK Underwear lines and other products like fragrances. Famous Calvin Klein models: Brooke Shields, Milla Jovovich, Eva Mendes, Kate Bosworth, Natalia Vodianova and more recently, Kendall Jenner. 

Calvin Klein bras are known for their youthful and casually sophisticated style. Customers rave about Calvin Klein's best-selling F3837 Perfectly Fit T-Shirt Bra, saying it's virtually invisible even under the thinnest clothing. The popular Calvin Klein Modern Cotton collection is made from cotton blended with super-soft modal and elastane for stretch comfort.    

When it comes to panties, Calvin Klein blurs the line between genders. The Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Boyshort Panties in average and plus sizes are styled like men's briefs and somehow stay incredibly cute and sexy. HerRoom customers feel the comfort when wearing these boyshorts. And...ahem...the guys seem to like wearing them too.

Both bras and panties tend to be cut on the small side, so if you're between sizes you should consider ordering up a size. For women with smaller busts and builds, Calvin Klein underwear has become the go-to brand.

Across the board, for both men and women, Calvin Klein panties and underwear is consistently known for superior fabrics and construction combined with high style. Using fabrics from pure cotton to microfiber and viscose, combined with sexy touches like lace and satin, it's no wonder women across the globe flock to the brand. For more than 25 years, the Calvin Klein brand has maintained its high standards, design sensibility and cutting-edge advertising campaigns to reach more than 20 countries and an estimated 98 million people globally.

Calvin Klein