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Why Buy Rhonda Shear Lingerie?  

Rhonda Shear has cornered the market in remarkably comfortable bras, panties, camisoles, leggings, pajama sets and shapewear that make women fans for life.

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  1. Pin Up Girl Lace Control PantyPin Up Girl Lace Control Panty
    Rhonda Shear 3867b
    Pin Up Girl Lace Control Panty
    118 Reviews
  2. Ahh Seamless Leisure BraAhh Seamless Leisure Bra
    Rhonda Shear 9588
    Ahh Seamless Leisure Bra
    2093 Reviews
  3. Original Ahh Bra Mystery - 5 PackOriginal Ahh Bra Mystery - 5 Pack
    Rhonda Shear 9588x5
    Original Ahh Bra Mystery - 5 Pack
    72 Reviews
  4. Ahh Angel Underwire Bandeau BraAhh Angel Underwire Bandeau Bra
    Rhonda Shear 9685
    Ahh Angel Underwire Bandeau Bra
    240 Reviews
  5. Ahh Divine Underwire Leisure BraAhh Divine Underwire Leisure Bra
    Rhonda Shear 9299
    Ahh Divine Underwire Leisure Bra
    538 Reviews
  6. Flirt Wireless Contour Cup CamisoleFlirt Wireless Contour Cup Camisole
    Rhonda Shear 0012
    Flirt Wireless Contour Cup Camisole
    11 Reviews
  7. Ahh Seamless Leisure Bra with Removable PadsAhh Seamless Leisure Bra with Removable Pads
    Rhonda Shear 92071
    Ahh Seamless Leisure Bra with Removable Pads
    131 Reviews
  8. Adjustable Strap Ahh BraAdjustable Strap Ahh Bra
    Rhonda Shear 9199
    Adjustable Strap Ahh Bra
    1 Review
  9. Ahh Pin-Up Lace Leisure Bra with Removable PadsAhh Pin-Up Lace Leisure Bra with Removable Pads
    Rhonda Shear 672p
    Ahh Pin-Up Lace Leisure Bra with Removable Pads
    110 Reviews
  10. Invisible Body Leisure BraInvisible Body Leisure Bra
    Rhonda Shear 9594
    Invisible Body Leisure Bra
    3 Reviews
  11. Seamless Underwire BraSeamless Underwire Bra
    Rhonda Shear 9301
    Seamless Underwire Bra
    2 Reviews
  12. Seamless High Waist Lace Trim Brief PantySeamless High Waist Lace Trim Brief Panty
    Rhonda Shear 4221
    Seamless High Waist Lace Trim Brief Panty
    4 Reviews
  13. Bandeau Bra with Removable PadsBandeau Bra with Removable Pads
    Rhonda Shear 9683
    Bandeau Bra with Removable Pads
    2 Reviews
  14. Seamless Arm ShaperSeamless Arm Shaper
    Rhonda Shear 2852
    Seamless Arm Shaper
    3 Reviews
  15. Lace Back Pin-Up BraLace Back Pin-Up Bra
    Rhonda Shear 671
    Lace Back Pin-Up Bra
    4 Reviews
  16. Ahh Seamless High-Cut Brief PantyAhh Seamless High-Cut Brief Panty
    Rhonda Shear 4031
    Ahh Seamless High-Cut Brief Panty
    141 Reviews
  17. Ahh High Waisted Seamless Brief Panty Mystery- 3PKAhh High Waisted Seamless Brief Panty Mystery- 3PK
    Rhonda Shear 4230x3
    Ahh High Waisted Seamless Brief Panty Mystery- 3PK
    5 Reviews
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Rhonda Shear

Rhonda Shear is famous for the Ahh Bra seen on infomercials everywhere and on the Home Shopping Network (HSN). However, HerRoom has been carrying Rhonda Shear products for years. With a focus on slimming and supportive sleepwear, lingerie, bras, panties and shapers, Rhonda Shear products are known to keep it feminine and beautiful.

Rhonda Shear is herself a personality. She is probably best known for hosting Up All Night - a popular Friday night movie series. She has also been profiled in People and Playboy. A fun side note: in 2001, Shear found her childhood sweetheart on Classmates.com. It had been 20 years, but once they reunited, they eloped 15 days later.  

Shear’s goal is to empower women to look and feel great, which she makes possible with fabulous panties and bras that are underpinnings, but don't disrupt or inhibit our daily routine. Her now famous Ahh Bra was Shear's attempt to create a garment that a woman didn't dread. Its name is synonymous with the big sigh of relief women give out once they put it on. It has no hooks, no eyes and no underwire - unless you select the underwire version. It's also comfortable, cool, stretchy and very affordable. The Ahh Bra is her No. 1 selling bra, and Shear claims you will know why the moment you put it on.

Color is the new focus at Rhonda Shear. And to that end, the Ahh Bra now comes in many colors. Shear found out that women were snatching up any and all colors made. The customer was collecting them. Upon further research, it was discovered that women use the Ahh Bra as an underpinning or mock camisole for layering. They can put on a colorful Ahh Bra, and it also doubles as the first layer for a woman as she puts on another T-shirt or camisole. So, making more colors simply makes sense for the Ahh Bra and Rhonda Shear customer.

Keeping with the same feeling, Shear also has designed the Ahh Panty. It has light shaping, is unbelievably soft and has no ride-up. Like the Ahh Bra, the panties are knitted in the same fine yarns.

Rhonda Shear is proud of her shaping garments. The Pinup Lace collection of shapers is exquisite, with light control and lace insets for feminine appeal.  Ms. Shear has refined her garments so that they are both lightweight and include light, moderate or firm control - so you can find your own level of shaping and comfort. They are also seamless due to being knit on a special knitting machine with the finest, thinnest yarns. This guarantees the garments have 4-way stretch for comfort while giving great control.

A note about the Rhonda Shear lingerie sizing. You get a fabulous fit because of the yarns used, and the collection includes many sizes so that women who need generous sizing, including plus size, can fit into her garments. Sizes are generally S-3X.