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Why Buy InstantFigure Shapewear?  

InstantFigure shapewear is one of the many brands developed by Monir Jalili, coming off the fantastic success of men's Insta Slim shapers. Featuring moisture wicking, with a silky, glossy surface that won't cling, Instant Figure is also remarkably durable and shrink resistant after many washings. Firm control and compression deliver the look you're seeking, with an invisible look under clothing.

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  1. Curvy Tank Slip DressCurvy Tank Slip Dress
    InstantFigure d40031x
    Curvy Tank Slip Dress
    2 Reviews
    $104.95 $73.47
  2. Bandeau Body Short with Open GussetBandeau Body Short with Open Gusset
    InstantFigure wbs011
    Bandeau Body Short with Open Gusset
    $109.95 $76.97
  3. Tank Slip DressTank Slip Dress
    InstantFigure wd40031
    Tank Slip Dress
    2 Reviews
    $84.95 $59.47
  4. Curvy Bandeau Brief BodysuitCurvy Bandeau Brief Bodysuit
    InstantFigure wbs012x
    Curvy Bandeau Brief Bodysuit
    $109.95 $76.97
  5. Curvy Bandeau Body Short with Open GussetCurvy Bandeau Body Short with Open Gusset
    InstantFigure wbs011x
    Curvy Bandeau Body Short with Open Gusset
    $129.95 $90.97
  6. Bandeau Shaping TopBandeau Shaping Top
    InstantFigure wbt035
    Bandeau Shaping Top
    1 Review
    $79.95 $55.97
  7. Tank Body Short with Open GussetTank Body Short with Open Gusset
    InstantFigure wb40061
    Tank Body Short with Open Gusset
    $97.95 $68.57
  8. Curvy Empire Waist Bandeau DressCurvy Empire Waist Bandeau Dress
    InstantFigure wbd036x
    Curvy Empire Waist Bandeau Dress
    $119.96 $83.97
  9. Bandeau Brief BodysuitBandeau Brief Bodysuit
    InstantFigure wbs012
    Bandeau Brief Bodysuit
    1 Review
    $89.95 $62.97
  10. Tank BodysuitTank Bodysuit
    InstantFigure wb40231
    Tank Bodysuit
    $118.95 $83.27
  11. Curvy Strapless Bandeau TopCurvy Strapless Bandeau Top
    InstantFigure wbt035x
    Curvy Strapless Bandeau Top
    1 Review
    $99.95 $69.97
  12. Curvy Slimming TankCurvy Slimming Tank
    InstantFigure t40021x
    Curvy Slimming Tank
    1 Review
    $94.95 $66.47
  13. Torsette Tank Top With Adjustable StrapsTorsette Tank Top With Adjustable Straps
    InstantFigure wtbs004
    Torsette Tank Top With Adjustable Straps
    $83.95 $58.77
  14. Hi-Back Shirred Front Tank TopHi-Back Shirred Front Tank Top
    InstantFigure wt40011
    Hi-Back Shirred Front Tank Top
    $79.95 $55.97
  15. Shapewear Hi-Waist Boy ShortsShapewear Hi-Waist Boy Shorts
    InstantFigure wbsh010
    Shapewear Hi-Waist Boy Shorts
    $54.00 $37.80
  16. Curvy Hi-Back Shirred Front Tank TopCurvy Hi-Back Shirred Front Tank Top
    InstantFigure t40011x
    Curvy Hi-Back Shirred Front Tank Top
    1 Review
    $99.95 $69.97
  17. 7InstantRecoveryMD Compression Bra7InstantRecoveryMD Compression Bra
    InstantFigure md229
    7InstantRecoveryMD Compression Bra
    1 Review
    $66.95 $46.87
  18. Slimming TankSlimming Tank
    InstantFigure wt40021
    Slimming Tank
    1 Review
    $73.95 $51.77
  19. Tummy Control Slimming BeltTummy Control Slimming Belt
    InstantFigure wbl4081
    Tummy Control Slimming Belt
    4 Reviews
    $49.95 $34.97
  20. Curvy Tummy Control Slimming BeltCurvy Tummy Control Slimming Belt
    InstantFigure bl4081x
    Curvy Tummy Control Slimming Belt
    $69.95 $48.97
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InstantFigure is a sister brand to Insta Slim men's shapewear as well as several other merchandise classifications. InstantFigure body shapers are made of a special single layer nylon/spandex knit that offers firm compression control, wicks moisture away, warms you in winter and cools you in summer, is breathable and soft to the touch, perfect for everyday wear. InstantFigure's superior, durable knit retains shape and resists shrinking after hundreds of washes. Its interlocking knit also offers 360 degree range of motion.

The genius behind the InstantFigure brand is Monir Jalili, whose name means "the moon" in Persian. She is an American immigrant, also president of InstantFigure, Inc., having perfected the slimming fabric in the development of men's Insta Slim. Included in HerRoom's offerings: tank tops, full slips, high-waisted shaping panties, with and without thigh shaping. Strapless bandeau tops and torsette body shapers (so you can wear your own bras) are also popular items.

In addition to InstantFigure shapers, the InstantRecovery MD collection is specifically designed for post-surgical support and compression to help mend post-operative areas.

HerRoom is dazzled with the wide array of shapewear InstantFigure designs, and know you will be happy with their stunning results.