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Why Buy Aviana?  

Dedicated for the full-figure woman, Aviana offers elegant bras exclusively in larger sizes. Women who wear D-P cups and bands from 32-56 can choose from many styles, including minimizers, underwires, and wireless bras. Along with serious support, you get lovely design touches like lace and embroidery. Full-figure women love the support and comfort of Aviana.

10 Items

  1. Floral Soft Cup BraFloral Soft Cup Bra
    Aviana 2353
    Floral Soft Cup Bra
    257 Reviews
  2. Minimizer Underwire BraMinimizer Underwire Bra
    Aviana 2460
    Minimizer Underwire Bra
    97 Reviews
  3. Floral Underwire BraFloral Underwire Bra
    Aviana 2453
    Floral Underwire Bra
    63 Reviews
  4. Satin and Lace Minimizer BraSatin and Lace Minimizer Bra
    Aviana 2457
    Satin and Lace Minimizer Bra
    127 Reviews
  5. Lace Underwire BraLace Underwire Bra
    Aviana 2452
    Lace Underwire Bra
    50 Reviews
  6. All Over Lace Underwire BraAll Over Lace Underwire Bra
    Aviana 2459
    All Over Lace Underwire Bra
    12 Reviews
  7. Soft Cup Embroidered BraSoft Cup Embroidered Bra
    Aviana 2356
    Soft Cup Embroidered Bra
    4 Reviews
  8. Underwire Embroidered BraUnderwire Embroidered Bra
    Aviana 2456
    Underwire Embroidered Bra
    1 Review
  9. Soft-Cup Lace BraSoft-Cup Lace Bra
    Aviana 2352
    Soft-Cup Lace Bra
    65 Reviews
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Aviana lingerie is manufactured by Designs for Comfort, a Marietta, Georgia based company that has been in the women's specialty garment business since 1985. The brand is dedicated to producing beautiful bras for the full-figured woman. Unlike many plus-size bras, Aviana bras are not just sized-up versions of average sized bras. They are specifically designed and constructed to meet the needs of full-figure women with large bust sizes. Their sizes range from D to P in cup sizes and 32-56 in band sizes. Larger women sometimes have difficulty finding the right size; Aviana's size chart offers detailed and helpful information to get you into the perfect bra for you.

For the woman who wears a D cup or larger, the bra collection from Aviana is the answer to the quest for a perfect fitting bra. Aviana's customer is the woman who has special fit and comfort requirements in bras. Larger figures need construction that supports heavier breasts while also being comfortable to wear. Typical complaints from larger-sized women concern straps that dig into their shoulders, underwires that cut, bras that give them the "uni-boob" look, cups that don't surround the entire breast, and the plain-Jane utilitarian look of many plus-size bras.

Aviana bras are available in underwire styles and, unusual in plus-sizes, soft cup styles. Aviana's softcup bras feature a foam support ring that provides the benefit of an underwire along with a powermesh lining for a full day of comfortable wear. Customers say the wireless soft cup styles are very comfortable, with great support and coverage. Wire-free bras are available in lace, smooth floral jacquard, and minimizer styles. The underwire styles feature an arched center panel for a natural fit (even when sitting), and a multi-layered channel around the underwire that prevents wires from poking through. Reviewers tell us that the underwire bras are easy to wear for all-day comfort. Both bra styles feature wide, padded center-pull straps that are centered over the bust to keep the bras where they belong - on the shoulders. These straps also prevent that painful dented shoulder feel some larger bras cause.

With all of this comfort and support, Aviana takes it a step further by making bras that look fabulous. Their 2-part cup lace bras feature satin and lace cups. The wireless (soft cup) minimizer is trimmed with embroidery and a pretty satin bow. Other styles are made from a soft woven jacquard with subtle picot trim. Customers tell us that their Aviana bras are pretty to look at, without the "industrial" look of some larger bras.

And as every full-figured woman knows, the right fit can give the appearance of a ten-pound weight loss and provide a new-found confidence. The Aviana bra offers superior fit, femininity, support, and comfort to every woman who purchases a bra from the collection. Aviana's commitment is to create intimate apparel that shapes women and builds their self-confidence. As the company proclaims, "We think full-figure and see fully fabulous." You can shop today for Aviana bras in several styles at herroom.com today.