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Why Buy Proof Panties?  

For all of the stages of a woman's life, from first period to post-menopausal needs, Proof supplies you with period panties, featuring a patented Leak-Loc liner. Proof period panties are individually designed for Super Light to Heavy flow, incorporating a leak-proof core, reducing odors and wicking unwanted moisture away. Each flow rating is measured in how many teaspoons it absorbs, and you may also use these panties as backup for a tampon or menstrual cup if needed. 

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Through all the stages of a woman's life, there are feminine needs for leak protection that's dependable. And Proof has done that beautifully. Eco-friendly methods are in great demand for managing periods, taking care of yourself before and after giving birth, and navigating the pre- and post-menopausal hormonal roller coasters. Tampons and adhesive pads have had supply issues, and are an invasive way of staunching the flow of fluids that can may make you uncomfortable and less sure of yourself.

Enter Proof, the feminine needs panties designed by 3 sisters who also invented the famous Belly Band. Moisture management is uppermost, with patented Leak-Loc tech that features several layers which encapsulate leaks. The panty bodies are exquisitely soft and breathable for your everyday ease, with an interlock lining that wicks away wetness for a dry feeling. Antimicrobial fibers discourage bacterial growth, thereby decreasing odor. The "icky factor" has been removed, giving you more comfort and confidence.

The Proof is in the wearing, and we think these innovative leak-resistant panties will prove to be a boon for teens and women everywhere! The three sisters (Jodi, Lori, and Kari Caden) who are the masterminds behind this new brand have made it their mission to improve women's lives and make them more comfortable and confident all month long! HerRoom is pleased to add this fabulous brand to our panty offerings!