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Why Buy N by Natori Clothing?  
Practical shoppers everywhere can now enjoy the luxury of Natori brands. N by Natori sleepwear is infused with similar vivid Asian-inspired patterns and rich solid colors of the Natori line, at moderate prices. Silky charmeuse, thirsty terry cloth and ultra-soft knits feel as good as they look. N By Natori clothing offers luxury you can well afford. 

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  1. Saz-Satin PJ SetSaz-Satin PJ Set
    N by Natori sc6047
    Saz-Satin PJ Set
    $84.00 $67.20
  2. Plus Size Saz-Satin Mandarin Zip CaftanPlus Size Saz-Satin Mandarin Zip Caftan
    N by Natori sc0047x
    Plus Size Saz-Satin Mandarin Zip Caftan
    $94.00 $75.20
  3. Plus Size Saz-Satin PJ SetPlus Size Saz-Satin PJ Set
    N by Natori sc6047x
    Plus Size Saz-Satin PJ Set
    $94.00 $75.20
  4. Saz-Satin Mandarin Zip CaftanSaz-Satin Mandarin Zip Caftan
    N by Natori sc0047
    Saz-Satin Mandarin Zip Caftan
    $84.00 $67.20
  5. Plus Size Sofia Satin CaftanPlus Size Sofia Satin Caftan
    N by Natori sc0151x
    Plus Size Sofia Satin Caftan
    $94.00 $75.20
  6. Sofia Satin CaftanSofia Satin Caftan
    N by Natori sc0151
    Sofia Satin Caftan
    $84.00 $67.20
  7. Unwind Feathered Chenille LoungerUnwind Feathered Chenille Lounger
    N by Natori sc0048
    Unwind Feathered Chenille Lounger
    $88.00 $70.40
  8. Plush Lynx Fleece RobePlush Lynx Fleece Robe
    N by Natori nc4068
    Plush Lynx Fleece Robe
    $82.00 $65.60
  9. Ottoman Cozy Knit GownOttoman Cozy Knit Gown
    N by Natori sc3044
    Ottoman Cozy Knit Gown
    $68.00 $54.40
  10. Ottoman Cozy Knit RobeOttoman Cozy Knit Robe
    N by Natori sc4044
    Ottoman Cozy Knit Robe
    $78.00 $62.40
  11. Ottoman Cozy Knit PJ SetOttoman Cozy Knit PJ Set
    N by Natori sc6044
    Ottoman Cozy Knit PJ Set
    $84.00 $67.20
  12. Plus Size Ottoman Cozy Knit PJ SetPlus Size Ottoman Cozy Knit PJ Set
    N by Natori sc6044x
    Plus Size Ottoman Cozy Knit PJ Set
    $94.00 $75.20
  13. Sofia Satin PJ SetSofia Satin PJ Set
    N by Natori sc6051
    Sofia Satin PJ Set
    $84.00 $67.20
  14. Ease 45 Inch LoungerEase 45 Inch Lounger
    N by Natori rc0011
    Ease 45 Inch Lounger
    $78.00 $62.40
  15. Oasis 48 Inch LoungerOasis 48 Inch Lounger
    N by Natori sc0043
    Oasis 48 Inch Lounger
    $78.00 $62.40
  16. Saz Satin GownSaz Satin Gown
    N by Natori sc3047
    Saz Satin Gown
    $64.00 $51.20
  17. Saz Satin RobeSaz Satin Robe
    N by Natori sc4047
    Saz Satin Robe
    $74.00 $59.20
  18. NVious Long Sleeve TopNVious Long Sleeve Top
    N by Natori ec5301
    NVious Long Sleeve Top
    1 Review
    $48.00 $21.99
  19. Geisha CaftanGeisha Caftan
    N by Natori pc0072
    Geisha Caftan
    $78.00 $62.40
  20. Soho Geo Tank GownSoho Geo Tank Gown
    N by Natori pc3117
    Soho Geo Tank Gown
    $68.00 $33.99
  21. Nirvana Brushed Terry RobeNirvana Brushed Terry Robe
    Nirvana Brushed Terry Robe
    7 Reviews
    $59.00 $47.20
  22. Geisha PJ SetGeisha PJ Set
    N by Natori pc6172
    Geisha PJ Set
    $78.00 $62.40
  23. Imperial Dragon Mandarin SleepshirtImperial Dragon Mandarin Sleepshirt
    N by Natori qc2069
    Imperial Dragon Mandarin Sleepshirt
    $74.00 $36.99
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N by Natori Sleepwear gives women the gift of incredible comfort and style. It's an East meets West lifestyle brand that brings art into everyday living. The collection is characterized by rich colors and Asian-inspired signature prints combined with dynamic textures.  N by Natori Sleepwear offers styles that include sleeveless chemises, pajama sets, tunics, gowns, caftans and robes. Each is customized for your comfort and style with a fabulous, colorful print and high quality fabrics. N by Natori Sleepwear is a branch of the luxurious Natori house of design and has the same elegant quality and beautiful prints as Natori couture with a more mainstream price tag. Both brands are perfect for your sleepwear needs.

N by Natori Sleepwear is designed by Josie Cruz Natori. She has put her name on many brands that include Natori, Josie Natori, Josie and N Natori. Natori came from the Philippines to the United States to attend college in New York. After taking an embroidered peasant top to a seamstress, she was told to redesign it as a nightshirt. After realizing a simple nightshirt could be luxurious, Natori began her fashion adventure. She not only designs clothing, but also home items, fragrance and eyewear. Natori is a member of the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) and the Committee of 200. She received the Fashion Group International’s Humanitarian Award, for establishing facilities in her native Philippines to handle 50% of all Natori production.

N by Natori Sleepwear has popular styles like the 100% rayon knit jersey gown for comfortable sleeping and lounging. Design collections help you select coordinating looks for sleep and loungewear.  Pajama sets in wild, bright prints made of 100% woven polyester satin are silky soft. Pajama sets have relaxed, yet tailored styling. Many of the chemises and nightgowns are cut on the bias for a flattering drape. Women rave about the look and feel of all of the N by Natori Sleepwear fashions. Kimono wraps match many of the sleepwear fashions as well. Knit polyester and rayon jersey blends let you melt into comfort in pajama separates. No matter what style you are wearing, N by Natori Sleepwear fashions will dress you in comfort and style.

One customer who bought a N by Natori Sleepwear caftan said, “Love this! Beautiful fit, gorgeous flowing fabric. Took it for a visit to my mother's and she wanted me to give it to her! Told her I would order one for her rather than give mine up!” Ageless and classic, N by Natori Sleepwear is for women of all types, sizes, shapes and ages.

N by Natori Sleepwear is known for signature prints and soft textures, and the rich colors and fabrics are sure to delight every woman. Shop HerRoom for the latest clothing styles from N by Natori Sleepwear.

N by Natori