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Why Buy The Natural Lingerie?  
It's not always easy being a fashionista, but The Natural wants to change that. They've been creating innovative lingerie since 1985, finding a solution to every wardrobe challenge. Stay-put strapless bras, deep plunge bras, clear strap holders, foam strap pads and other products let you feel your confident best in any outfit. 

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The Natural

Technology and fashion mix to form the solution to many women's problem of finding the perfect bra to match every outfit. The Natural line of lingerie accessories presents innovative, high-quality products to make women look and feel amazing. Products like the clear-back bra which adds invisible support, push-up pads and clips to convert standard bra straps to racerbacks and a bra that can even be worn strapless or backless. Technology is no obstacle for The Natural line of bras and panties.

The Natural line of bras and panties is manufactured by Coconut Grove Intimates. Since 1985, The Natural brand has been bringing unique solutions to women trying to find a bra to fit every need. So many times women find themselves endlessly searching for convertible, versatile bras. They fall in love with a dress or a shirt only to find out nothing fits right under it. The Natural solves this problem. As a global business, The Natural and Coconut Grove Intimates brings women what they need. Their first patented adhesive bra evolved into over 50 additional products for women. As a leader in the Solution & Adhesive Bra categories, The Natural continues to bring innovative bras to women everywhere.

The original bra is called The Natural Solutions Bra. It comes with clear plastic strips between the cups and straps to allow it to be worn in many ways. It can be worn with designs like halter, strapless, open back, cross front, racerback, one strap, low front, low back and one-shoulder. The Natural Solution Bra was featured for its fashionable, stylish versatility by InStyle magazine. One of the most popular bras in The Natural line is the Adhesive Lite bra. It provides the support and shape you need with any backless, strapless or V-cut dresses and tops. The Natural even includes a line of shoulder pads for that extra push. They offer three sizes: Slim Line, Petite and Regular. There is even a bra accessories kit with clear bra straps, a clear low-back bra converter, adhesive nipple covers and fashion tape.

Another popular design is the Deep Line Plunge Bra, which is offered in both average and plus sizes. It can be worn with very low dresses so you still have that support while looking sensual. One woman said, "I bought this for my wedding gown. I was married on the beach and found this to be the ideal bra for my dress. It worked perfectly with the halter style and low cut front of my dress."

The Natural bras and bra accessories are the perfect solution for any woman that needs a fix to her wardrobe questions. The Natural designers figure women should not waste time tirelessly searching for a bra they can still barely hide under clothing. With The Natural bras and accessories, a woman can find this solution and feel sexy. Most women say they even forget about the bra because it is so comfortable. With The Natural innovate designs combined with luxurious style give women exactly what they need.