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With over four decades of experience, Flora Backer of Flora Nikrooz took inspiration from her daughter Rya to develop a new line of bridal lounge and sleepwear, supplying modern women with beautiful, durable styles that are produced with carefully sourced materials, in great working conditions with ethical, fair wages. The Rya Collection features iconic, soft, feminine styles that complement contemporary women's lifestyles in an aesthetic, enjoyable way, for the bedroom and beyond. 

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  1. Darling RobeDarling Robe
    Rya Collection 220
    Darling Robe
    1 Review
  2. Rosey ChemiseRosey Chemise
    Rya Collection 536
    Rosey Chemise
  3. Darling CoverupDarling Coverup
    Rya Collection 197
    Darling Coverup
  4. Rosey Cover UpRosey Cover Up
    Rya Collection 537
    Rosey Cover Up
  5. Darling ChemiseDarling Chemise
    Rya Collection 207
    Darling Chemise
  6. Heavenly ChemiseHeavenly Chemise
    Rya Collection 469
    Heavenly Chemise
  7. Feather SlippersFeather Slippers
    Rya Collection s01
    Feather Slippers
  8. Darling GownDarling Gown
    Rya Collection 219
    Darling Gown
  9. Swan Cover UpSwan Cover Up
    Rya Collection 394
    Swan Cover Up
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Rya Collection

In 1983, Flora Backer founded her famous lounge and bridal company known to lingerie aficionados everywhere as Flora Nikrooz. Her brand flourished throughout the '90s and the new millennia, and in 2016 Flora was inspired by her daughter Rya to create a collection in her name. Designed to renew classic lingerie and bridal features with the modern woman in mind, Rya Collection fashions are crafted in lovely fabrics like satin charmeuse, and are produced in an ethical manner, with materials chosen for their texture, luster and the joy of long-lasting beauty and comfort.