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Why Buy Splendid?  
Splendid burst onto the fashion scene with tops and bottoms made of splendidly soft fabric. They stand out for the unique combination of Supima cotton and micro modal, which feels like silk and absorbs dyes beautifully. Tissue-thin tanks are cut longer than other brands. Leggings hug the body. Women who want more than utility from casual wear love the effortless style of Splendid. 

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Splendid designs are not your everyday clothing. Splendid bras, tops, panties, swimwear, jackets, scarves and sleepwear are some of the most comfortable, versatile, extravagant pieces of clothing in the world. Their claim to fame is using 50% Supima cotton, a luxurious cotton that gives the fabric body and 50% micro modal, a form of rayon that is silky soft and deeply absorbs dyes. Splendid clothing blankets you in a sense of peace whether lounging or being active.

Splendid was started by Moise Emquies. Emquies was a law student who designed t-shirts in his free time  for a friend who owned a boutique. He researched the best quality fabrics and his first design quickly sold out. Emquies kept designing t-shirts for his friend's boutique in his spare time, which led to the creation of his first fashion company, Leopold. Ten years later, he found the perfect fabric combination to create the ultimate womens t-shirts. In 2002, when Emquies combined micro modal and Supima cotton, the brand stunned the fashion world with its comfort and unique style. From a small selection of gourmet t-shirts came every article of clothing imaginable. Splendid designers know women want to be surrounded in comfort in the fashions they wear. 

T-shirts started the line, but items that followed delivered the same type of cozy contentment. The tank tops feel almost invisible as they are thinner, and longer to cover more fashions. Fashionable cardigans keep you warm on cool days in lyocell and rayon/polyester blends. Splendid designers aim to make all of their products feel like a second skin. Whether layering them over base layers, under a blazer or other shirt or wearing them alone, the products glide over your skin. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Meg Ryan and Kristin Cavallari are fans of Splendid.

Splendid gives back to their fans as well. Employees serve meals at the Midnight Mission in Los Angeles during the holidays. They also participate in the Revlon Run/Walk to help fight against women's cancer. In 2010 they raised over $21,000 to benefit the programs involved in the event.

Each season the Splendid designers strive to design and produce products made from the best fabrics in the most exquisite styles. They know women love to feel pampered and look amazing. The hardest thing with Splendid clothing is you may just feel naked... and enjoy it!