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Why Buy Nightlift Bras?  
Designed by a plastic surgeon who found that women who wear sleep bras have more youthful, firmer breasts, Nightlift solves a problem you don't know you have. Constructed for lateral support, with an unrestricted fit, these bras help prevent drooping and sagging. As a bonus, Nightlift's bras, babydolls and camisoles are seductively attractive. If you think you don't need a sleep bra, Nightlift may make you reconsider.

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  1. Original Wireless Lace Sleep BraOriginal Wireless Lace Sleep Bra
    Nightlift 1990BL
    Original Wireless Lace Sleep Bra
    23 Reviews
  2. Original Wireless Sleep BraOriginal Wireless Sleep Bra
    Nightlift 1992
    Original Wireless Sleep Bra
    47 Reviews
  3. Nightie Sleep Bra BabydollNightie Sleep Bra Babydoll
    Nightlift 2001BL
    Nightie Sleep Bra Babydoll
    5 Reviews
  4. Sleep Bra CamisoleSleep Bra Camisole
    Nightlift 2005
    Sleep Bra Camisole
    3 Reviews
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Although many famous maker bra manufacturers have designed soft, wireless bras that may be worn to sleep in, Nightlift is the first and only bra design that helps protect your breasts and helps prevent sagging by keeping lateral motion to a minimum, comfortably and beautifully. The breast anatomy includes Cooper's ligaments and connective tissue that keep breasts from drooping, but over time the ligaments stretch, and only surgery could return the breasts to their youthful position. The Nightlift bra will help prevent sagging and crepey decolletages from developing. 

The Nightlift sleep support bra was invented and developed by acclaimed plastic surgeon Randal Haworth, MD, FACS; who noticed that his patients who wore a bra to bed had smoother decolletages, and breasts that were more youthful looking and had kept their elevated position rather than drooping. For comfort's sake, Dr. Haworth designed the Nightlift to support the breasts from the side rather than the bottom, with a wireless construction for a non-restrictive fit, in comfortable, non-compression fabrics. Dr. Haworth also wanted the night bra to be attractive and aesthetically seductive since they were, after all, to be worn in bed. After forty-seven prototypes, the revolutionary new design was perfected and is the answer to gravity's pull on delicate breast tissue while women sleep. 

HerRoom is very pleased to have this wonderful new sleep bra collection available to women who want to keep their breasts looking youthful and firm, in beautiful styles that make going to bed even more pleasurable.