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Why Buy Falke for Women?  

Falke has perfected materials and manufacturing to deliver high-quality socks, stockings and tights. Semi-sheer cotton socks are wardrobe classics, in ankle and knee socks. Features include non-constricting tops, anatomically shaped left and right toe forms, reinforced heel and toe and ultra-soft fabric. Other Falke favorites are merino blend tights, sheer and matte tights. This is the perfect combination of comfort and luxury for discerning women who appreciate the value of quality. 

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  1. Sensitive London Cotton SocksSensitive London Cotton Socks
    Falke 47686
    Sensitive London Cotton Socks
    18 Reviews
  2. Cotton Touch Ankle SocksCotton Touch Ankle Socks
    Falke 47673
    Cotton Touch Ankle Socks
    9 Reviews
  3. Family Stretch Cotton Crew SocksFamily Stretch Cotton Crew Socks
    Falke 47675
    Family Stretch Cotton Crew Socks
    7 Reviews
  4. Family Cotton Knee High SocksFamily Cotton Knee High Socks
    Falke 47645
    Family Cotton Knee High Socks
    13 Reviews
  5. Soft Merino Wool Blend Anklet SocksSoft Merino Wool Blend Anklet Socks
    Falke 47488
    Soft Merino Wool Blend Anklet Socks
    4 Reviews
  6. Sensitive London Cotton Knee High SocksSensitive London Cotton Knee High Socks
    Falke 47626
    Sensitive London Cotton Knee High Socks
    10 Reviews
  7. Invisible Sneaker SockInvisible Sneaker Sock
    Falke 47577
    Invisible Sneaker Sock
    10 Reviews
  8. Invisible Casual Step SockInvisible Casual Step Sock
    Falke 47567
    Invisible Casual Step Sock
    3 Reviews
  9. Family Cotton Anklet SocksFamily Cotton Anklet Socks
    Falke 47629
    Family Cotton Anklet Socks
    2 Reviews
  10. Invisible Elegant Step SockInvisible Elegant Step Sock
    Falke 44015
    Invisible Elegant Step Sock
    1 Review
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THE FALKE GROUP The FALKE GROUP is an international clothing and lifestyle company which is headquartered in the Sauerland town of Schmallenberg. Founded in 1895, this family business is now managed by the 4th generation. The managing partners are Franz-Peter and Paul Falke, the great-grandsons of company founder Franz Falke-Rohen. The FALKE GROUP was able to successfully maintain its position in the year 2005 and has been able to distance itself from the negative developments evident in the legwear market. The FALKE brand has been reinforced almost without exception at the retail level and has consolidated its position as the leading legwear brand.

The FALKE GROUP achieved a total turnover of roughly 173 million Euros. The company currently employs 2,276 people, of which 1,208 are in Germany. FALKE – aesthetics and innovation. The FALKE brand and its products are an integral part of the fashion market. FALKE manufactures modern clothing accessories which do justice to the consumers’ lifestyle, their entirely personal culture and their demands. For example, the FALKE LUXURY COLLECTION has been created for clients who demand the highest quality. This collection of men’s socks has been exclusively styled in cashmere, silk and merino wool. However, FALKE products are not only aesthetically pleasing, they are also the result of an innovative process. Fashionable clothing from high-grade materials, processed with perfect craftsmanship, which is characterised by its highly innovative nature and its functionality. A functionality which has resulted from extensive technological commitment to research and development, and the knowledge acquired from many years of experience.

FALKE realized at a very early stage that the reconciliation of function and fashion would be one of the primary developments in the coming decade. The ergonomic approach to sports socks was introduced by FALKE many years ago as the ERGONOMIC SPORT SYSTEM, which has been established with great success. A current example of this approach are the FALKE Ergonomic Sports Underwear and Apparel collections. With these new ranges of functional sports products, FALKE is taking a further step towards becoming a full-range supplier of high-quality, high-fashion sportswear.

FALKE’s philosophy here is to create intelligent products which support human activity and needs while producing a positive feeling for the body. All these principles together characterise the FALKE style, which is the basis of the overall brand policy and all the FALKE activities. FALKE still places particular importance on authentic and aesthetic presentation of the brand world at the point of sale. The company is represented in Germany with 116 shop in shops and another 48 own shop in shops across the world, through which the customer is able to experience the style and the signature of the FALKE brand. Plus the Flagship Stores in Berlin and Vienna. International brand strategy. The international business of FALKE is now posed to embark on a successful future. The positive development as an international brand has not only been supported by opening more shops abroad, but also by expanding our sales organisations in Europe and America. The most important markets are the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Great Britain and France. And the company is happy to report additional growth in other European countries as well. Among other activities, FALKE strengthened the international sales of the FALKE ERGONOMIC SPORT SYSTEM with outstanding success.