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Why Buy Arlotta?  

Made from the finest cashmere from Inner Mongolia and designed with sophisticated European sensibility, Arlotta redefines sumptuous luxury in robes and lounging pieces. The brand's signature weight cashmere is spun and knitted for an ultra-soft texture. Styles are modern and classic, pieces you will luxuriate in for years to come.

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If there is one luxury item that women everywhere crave, it's cashmere. Using the finest cashmere yarns from Inner Mongolia , Arlotta produces sumptuous robes, slippers, sleepwear and loungewear. Cashmere yarns are carded from the silky-soft undercoat of selected goats, for prized yarns that are lofty without weight. Chris Arlotta, a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, began her fabulous line of lingerie in 1992, traveling extensively throughout Europe to find superior quality fabrics.  The real star at Arlotta is exquisite cashmere knits, classically styled and free of fussy frills and embellishments. Arlotta cashmere robes and loungewear feature an effortless, uncluttered modern design aesthetic, in weights that are specific to each fashion. Knits are cloud soft, with a heavenly softness that caresses your body and transports you to a realm of utterly pampered, flawless perfection. 

The Arlotta cashmere clothing collection has graced the pages of Women's Wear Daily, Vogue, Marie Claire and Town & Country, and has also been seen on the popular TV series "Gray's Anatomy."  

Envelop yourself or treat someone special (a fabulous holiday gift) in the timeless luxury of Arlotta cashmere collection, available at HerRoom.