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Why Buy Gottex Swimwear?  
Gottex outfits women in beautifully constructed swimwear. Sunny hues, gem-like hardware and styles to bring out your shapely best are brand hallmarks. It's an innovator too: first to use spandex and to introduce hard-cup bras in swimwear. Styles include bandeaus and v-necks as well as surplice and shirred styles for shaping. With fresh collections each season, the sophistication and luxury remain the same. 

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Gottex goes beyond modern-day women's swimwear elevating it to a living luxury. Each piece in the Gottex collection promises to be cutting edge, bursting with color and detail-oriented. Gottex provides this luxury and comfort to women by producing functional and sensual swimwear for their daily needs. With its many creations and designs, the Gottex collection is created as a line that can be worn from the pool to the bar. With all of its innovations in the swimwear world, Gottex has created a timeless name for itself and paved the way for the luxury swimwear of today.

Gottex began in 1956 in Israel when Lea Gottlied, an immigrant from Hungary brought her background as a raincoat manufacturer to the world of swimwear. Gottlieb began designing swimsuits unique to Israel after her idea to make raincoats faded due to to the lack of rain and surplus of sunshine. The swimwear pieces were inspired by the local lights and colors. She said she used "the aqua of the Mediterranean, the golden yellow of the desert, the blue of Lake Tiberias, the pink of Jerusalem Stone and the greens of the Galilee." She named the company Gottex by combining the name "Gottlieb" with "textiles." In 1997 Gottex was bought by Lev Leview of the Africa-Israel Group, then sold to businessman Joey Schwebel in 2009. Still based in Israel, Gottex remains one of America's top swimsuit imports. Gottex one piece and tankini swimwear is exported to 80 countries.

Gottex swimsuits became a pioneer for swimsuits when it created and designed the first to use spandex and hard-cup bra swimsuits. Both of these innovations help with the lifting and shaping structure of the swimwear. There is also a Gottex Plus-size swimwear line. Gottex uses high tech construction and materials to create their pieces as well. Plasticized Lycra, laminated tulle and laser-cut embellishments are just a few of the materials used to keep Gottex fresh and on top of their game. Gottex is showcased at the Bryant Park Venue in New York as part of New York Fashion Week and also remains a staple in all sun-loving destinations around the world. Princess Diana, Elizabeth Taylor, and tennis champion Serena Williams are among many of the celebrities that have chosen Gottex, influencing sophisticated, trendy women the world over.

Over the years Gottex has won many awards for its unique fashion. The brand has won the Fashion Prize in Dallas, the Fashion Festival Prize in Cannes, the Textile Prize in Paris, the Designer of the Year in Dusseldorf, the Textile Prize in Paris and many other international awards.

Fabulous colors and designed prints help keep Gottex on top in the world of swimwear. Women don't need an excuse to look and feel beautiful in their swimsuits. The bright and colorful collections are always changing and improving to keep up with the fashion world as it grows and changes; however, the luxury of Gottex that has helped elevate it beyond other swimwear will remain timeless.