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Why Buy DKNY Hosiery?  
As she did with fashion, Donna Karan takes hosiery to a new level. Pantyhose, knee-highs, thigh-highs and tights come in colors and patterns to accent every wardrobe. Donna Karan hosiery styles are fashionable without being trendy, wearable without being dull. From opaque tights to sheer-to-waist pantyhose, fabrics are silky and smooth, comfortable for all-day wear and stylish for any occasion. 

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DKNY Hosiery

The DKNY collection was started as a way for women to embrace the style of New York. It was designed as a way for women to take the spirit and attitude of the city and push forward in comfortable and unique styles. The creator behind DKNY hosiery is fashion icon, Donna Karan. Just like her other creations, the hosiery has a unique combination of wearability and style. Gone are the days of only black and nude hose. Welcome the days of wine, chocolate, navy, gray hosiery along with the classic colors. Hosiery from DKNY offers patterns and designs that are unlike any other. This is exactly what Donna Karan envisioned when she began her fashion journey many years ago.

Karan began in the fashion industry as a high schooler. She grew up surrounded by those in the world of fashion. After high school she attended Parson's School of Design where she worked with designer Anne Klein. After Klein passed away, Karan took over the designs for over ten years. She wanted to make the brand her own so she eventually launched her first collection. All of Karan's styles were affordable, unique and diverse. After she had her daughter she realized there was not much of a selection that followed her brands of style. So Karan created her own, DKNY, which spread quickly to stores around the world. The DKNY lingerie line came to life in 1999 promising to fit women with urban energy and fashion.

DKNY hosiery includes everything from opaque tights to knee highs and textured tights. DKNY hosiery was created to give women a boost both literally and figuratively to face whatever the day brings. These fine knits create movement and stretch along with you. Some tights are smooth while others feel silky. It's all up to the customer as to which they prefer. As long as the woman feels spunky, DKNY hosiery has done its job. DKNY hosiery is a constant article of clothing on “Gossip Girl.” The costume designer of the popular TV show, Eric Daman, partners with DKNY to create new lingerie for the label.

Designer Donna Karan has received many accolades for her designs, having been saluted by The Council of Fashion Designers of America six times. She was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the CFDA in 2004. Needless to say Karan's vision of unique and comfortable styles worked for her and women in the world of fashion in a very positive way.

Fans of DKNY hosiery say the smooth and silky feeling is what they fall for when purchasing the lingerie. Flight attendants are one of the brand's best customers because they are on their feet all day long and need comfort while being stylish. Other customers say when hosiery is hard to find, DKNY tights come through and fit great. They wash well in the machine and are able to be worn over and over.