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Why Buy Philippe Matignon Lingerie?  
Italian design and European craftsmanship elevate Philippe Matignon hosiery far above the basics. Philippe Matignon's ultra-light thigh-highs and pantyhose add an elegant finish to any outfit. Fishnet hosiery is sexy and lighthearted. And their cotton and sheer socks wrap your feet in luxury. It's no wonder the brand is a favorite of discerning women all over the world.

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  1. Noblesse 50 Denier Opaque TightNoblesse 50 Denier Opaque Tight
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    Noblesse 50 Denier Opaque Tight
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  2. Opaque No Control TightOpaque No Control Tight
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    Opaque No Control Tight
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Philippe Matignon

Philippe Matignon is on top of the women's world of hosiery. The international leader in luxury hosiery represents a commitment to women's fashion and comfort. Each pair of tights, sheer pantyhose and opaques are made using 3D Lycra covering each hosiery fiber with twice as many fibers as most other brands. Silicone is then applied to select styles in order to help them mold to the leg. Philippe Matignon uses materials like the 3D Lycra, high-tech microfibers and viscose yarn to help the tights feel like a second skin. These types of innovations combined with an attention for details are what help Philippe Matignon rule in the hosiery world. The highly seductive Philippe Matignon hosiery and lingerie offers women a high class of comfort.

Philippe Matignon was launched in the early 1980s by the Golden Lady Company Group, the European leader in the hosiery market. Philippe Matignon is designed in Italy and then produced in Europe. Philippe Matignon is said to draw his inspiration of designs from a street in Paris called Avenue Matignon. The luxury hosiery line quickly expanded and is now distributed to over 2,100 retail shops and department stores internationally. They are over 500 Goldenpoint shops alone in Italy. The collection only recently came to be sold in the US when introduced by Revival Brands.

Many celebrities along with stores worldwide are giving love to the Philippe Matignon collection. Stores sold out of Philippe Matignon sheer hose when they were described as the favorite brand of Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. The collection is also a favorite of Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott while on tour. Actress Perry Reeves swears by the exquisite collection. Philippe Matignon hosiery offers women an assortment of lacy tights, the opaque look of hose and the shiny hosiery in many different colors. The textures themselves are also very distinct. Instead of only the sheer look, you will find tights and thigh-highs made of viscose and lace. Customers can choose between pieces that help to make legs look longer and more slender as well as pieces with flat seams, seemingly invisible mesh and gradual compression. Philippe Matignon strives to be different from the other brands of hosiery by providing this wide assortment along with the elegance and comfort of the line itself. The Philippe Matignon take this step even further by producing their hosiery in the most highly technological facilities.

Staying on top of luxury means continuously finding the designs and patterns women love and help them feel sexy. Those in the world of lingerie know that there is a fine line between being over-the-top and sensual. Philippe Matignon knows exactly how to walk this line by designing articles that are able to be worn to a business meeting, out to dinner or while lounging at home. Today's woman yearns to feel a high level of comfort while looking ravishing. Philippe Matignon keeps designs updated by using the highest technology and always experimenting with new designs for women of all types.