Removing Creases From T-Shirt Bras

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Sometimes, a T-shirt bra can develop a crease in its cup.

How can you remove a crease and prevent it from happening in the future?

Here are some suggestions.

Today’s T-shirt bras are made with improved foam technology that is less likely to crease, but should a crease occur, here’s how to get rid of it.

First, hand wash your T-shirt bra.

Then let it dry with the cups pointing downward.

You can do this using two bowls.

This lets the cups reshape as they air dry, and many times removes the crease in the process.

Alternatively, you can try removing a crease with a steamer.

Steam from the inside of the cup outward, then fasten the bra and hang it on a hanger from its straps to dry.

There are several precautions to prevent your T-shirt bras from ever creasing in the first place.

Never fold the cups of a T-shirt bra into each other.

This can break down the bra cup and cause strange wrinkling and creasing.

Instead, store or pack your T-shirt bras flat, with socks or pantyhose in the cups to support their shape.

If you have several, you can nest them inside each other.

Never put your T-shirt bras in a dryer.

Not only does the heat break down elastic, but it can also shrink the outside cup fabric, which in turn can cause wrinkles and creases.

Taking a little more care when storing and washing your T-shirt bras will go a long way in extending their lifetime.