Garters 101

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: "Garters 101" Length: 2:47

Ladies, are you considering a garter belt and stockings?

Here’s some basics you need to know.

But first, let’s define our terms.

A garter belt is a strip of fabric worn at the waist.

Suspenders are what hang from the garter belt.

The clip at the end of the suspender that attaches to the stocking is called a garter.

Many garters come with a piece of ribbon attached.

This ribbon is to rest over the garter after being attached to a stocking to camouflage the garter under clothing.

There are two reasons to wear garter belts with stockings: for utility or seduction.


If you’re wanting stockings for everyday wear because they are cooler, allow for airflow, and you’re wanting a pantyhose alternative, the garter belt you choose is very specific.

Select a nice wide belt that has:

  • back adjustability
  • rests at your waist
  • has metal garters
  • 4 or more suspenders – because more suspenders means more comfort and stability - and is void of any flourish or decoration so that it's invisible under your clothing.


If instead, you are only wishing to wear a garter belt for a short while, anything goes.

The garter belt can be any size, rest anywhere between your waist and hips, have metal or plastic garters, have laces and trims, and fewer than six suspenders.

When you are ready to put it on…

First get dressed.

Then, put your garter belt in place around your waist and sit down.

Put your gathered stocking on, starting at the toe and ungathering it as you pull it up your leg.

Staying seated, hook the top garter to the top of your stocking.

Next, hook the back garter. This can be tricky. It needs to be directly down the center back of your leg.

The suspenders should be adjusted while you are seated, or with your foot on a chair, so that they feel comfortable in this position.

If you adjust too tightly, you run the risk of your stocking popping out of your garter.

Though many images of garter belts and stockings show the panty or thong being worn under the garter belt, this is incorrect – you would be forced to pull everything down and out of place in order to use the ladies room.

Instead, the correct order is to wear a panty over the garter belt and suspenders.

Everything is left in place, and your visit to the lady’s room is less challenging.

Finally, keep your garter belt in tip-top shape by hand washing, then hanging it to dry.