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Bra Fitting Advice - Frequently Asked Questions


• What is the best way to put on a bra? - Answer
• What Can I Do To Have Plumper Looking Breasts? - Answer
• What’s The Psyche Of Your Bra Size? - Answer
• I'm an "A" cup. Do I really need to wear a bra? - Answer
• What Is The Most Common Mistake Women Make
   When Trying To Find Their Correct Bra Size? - Answer
• How Many Hooks Do I Need On My Bra Closure? - Answer
• Do Thin Bra Straps Still Provide Support? - Answer
• How Do I Know If My Straps Are Adjusted Correctly? - Answer
• I Have Narrow Shoulders And My Straps Keep Falling Down.
   What Should I Do? - Answer
• What Color Bras Should I Buy? - Answer
• What Color Bra Can I Wear Under a Black Top? - Answer
• What Type Of Bra Should I Wear? - Answer
• When Can I Wear a Fancy Lace Bra? - Answer
• When Should I Wear Lace - When Should
   I Wear A Seamless? - Answer
• What Bra Is Best For Deep V-Necklines? - Answer
• What Bra Is Best To Wear With Spaghetti Straps? - Answer
• Do I Really Need An Underwire Bra? - Answer
• Are Demi Bras For Every Day or Just For Special Occasions? - Answer
• What's The Difference Between A Demi And A Push-up Bra? - Answer
• Why Do All My Bras Seem To Come From One Manufacturer? - Answer
• I'm Allergic To Latex. What Can I Do? - Answer
• Why Do Manufacturers Discontinue Great Bra Styles? - Answer
• Why Should I Pay More Than $25 For A Bra? - Answer


• My straps painfully dig into my shoulders. What can I do? - Answer
• My underwire bras always poke me. How come? - Answer
• Why do I need a wider band along the back of my bra? - Answer
• Is a "D" cup in a 36D different from a "D" cup in, say a 42D? - Answer
• Is it important that my bra rest on my
   sternum between cups? - Answer
• Why are the bottom of my breasts often red or bruised? - Answer
• Where are a full-figured woman's breasts supposed to sit? - Answer
• What's the #1 mistake full-figured women make
   in sizing a bra? - Answer
• Must full-figured women only wear underwire bras? - Answer


• What is the best way to launder my bras? - Answer
• What is the best way to launder my panties? - Answer
• What is the best way to launder shapewear? - Answer
• What are some general tips on washing lingerie? - Answer
• What are some general tips on drying lingerie? - Answer
• Can you give me some general care information on specific fabrics? - Answer


• Why can't I wear regular bras throughout my pregnancy? - Answer
• When is the right time to buy a maternity bra? - Answer
• How much is my breast size going to change
   during my pregnancy? - Answer
• How do I measure for a maternity bra? - Answer
• What features should I look for in a maternity bra? - Answer
• Should my maternity bra be soft cup or underwire? - Answer
• When is the right time to buy a nursing bra? - Answer
• What are some tips for a well-fitting maternity/nursing bra? - Answer
• How many maternity/nursing bras do I need? - Answer
• What is the best way to put on a maternity/nursing bra? - Answer


• What is the best way to put on shapewear? - Answer
• I need more control, should I go down a size? - Answer
• I sometimes get hot in my shapewear. Any solutions? - Answer
• What can I do to stop my thighs from jiggling and shaking? - Answer
• What can I wear to get my "girlish figure" back? - Answer
• I want control but don't want a girdle. What are my options? - Answer


• What's the difference between a sports bra and
   a regular bra? - Answer
• Why do I need a sports bra? - Answer
• How much support do I need? - Answer
• What sports bra style is right for me? - Answer
• I'm small-chested. Do I still need to wear a sports bra? - Answer
• Can I just wear two bras instead of a sports bra? - Answer


• What is the proper way to put on a panty? - Answer
• How do I prevent my panties from riding up? - Answer
• How often should I replace my panties? - Answer
• The elastic in my panty legs is too binding. What's going on? - Answer
• How do I eliminate panty lines? - Answer
• What's the difference between a thong and a g-string? - Answer
• Who is wearing thongs? - Answer