Infographic - Tomima's 7 Bra Fitting Secrets

It can be hard to find bras that fit perfectly and suit your shape. These videos address the most frequently asked questions— everything from figuring out your cup size to smoothing back fat. We hope you find them useful!
Tightening the straps is not always the best way to keep them from slipping. Bra size and style can make all the difference.
Did you ever notice how the center panel of your bra fits? Believe it or not, this affects fit, support and comfort.
Unsightly back fat lines can ruin the perfect outfit. Choose bras and shapewear that will work magic on back fat.
Bra sizing can be confusing. The band size affects the cup size and vice versa. Learn all you need to know about changing bra sizes
Your “sister bra sizes” are the sizes that surround the bra size you’re wearing. Useful to know if your breast size changes.
Did you know there’s a correct way to put on a bra? Well, there is. Learn how to make sure it’s positioned correctly.
Cup size letters can vary and mean different sizes for larger cup sizes. Universal Cup Sizing (UCS) fixes that.