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In-Store Bra Fitters

Many retail stores now offer "bra fitting" services to help a woman find her true bra size. There is no formal school or official test to take in order to claim “bra fitter” as your moniker. Some stores have good training programs, but many do not. So, just because a woman approaches you with a measuring tape wrapped around her neck claiming to be a bra fitter, she may have very limited experience. As well-meaning as most of these fitters are, you need to understand that any bra fitter’s primary mission is to sell you many bras. Why? It’s because most bra fitters are on commission - receive a percentage of your purchase as part of their pay – or on a quota – they have a certain number of bras or a specific revenue target they need to hit. There is nothing wrong with any of this. We all need to make money, and businesses need to be profitable. But here is what you need to understand; if you can be persuaded that you are a new bra size, these bra fitters have a great opportunity to sell you a wardrobe of bras in your new size and line their pockets.

Bra fitting is also very subjective. It is more an art than exact science. A lot of personal opinion and preference goes into selecting a bra size. So, it is not hard to claim you should be in a new bra size, when in truth your current bra size may be just right for you and your bra fit criteria. So, you need to step in and take control in any bra fitting session. You should always be the ultimate arbiter in determining your preferred bra size.

If you do want some bra fitting help, first ask your fitter how long she has been fitting bras. You should also look at her chest and see if you think she looks good in her bra. If not, chances are she is not an experienced fitter. A bra fitter is only as good as her inventory. Larger bra-sized women know what I mean by this. Many lingerie stores carry the basic sizes. With her goal primarily being to sell you bras, she may put you in a certain size simply because that is the only size she can offer you. Again, your common sense needs to kick in; If the bra does not fit beautifully, do not buy it. Find a store with more size selections.

You really don’t need someone else to help you find your correct bra size. You can do it, and we’re here to help. Simply put on your best fitting bra, then use our Bra Fitting Problems & Solutions to fine tune your bra size until it fits the way you want.

Sometimes the best bra fitter to help you!