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Tomima Edmark - Lingerie ExpertTomima's Bra Fitting Tip: ""You need to take control of your bra choices. It may come in your size, but make sure it is doing the job you want it to do." "

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The Must-Have Bra Wardrobe

How to create the quintessential lingerie wardrobe

"Have you ever bought a last-minute outfit on the day of a big soiree only to discover that you don't have the right bra? Every one of us, at one time or another has not had that "right" piece of lingerie just when we need it. Lingerie Essentials is a comprehensive lingerie check list. If you have all these items, you should be covered for any situation, so to speak. I’m not suggesting that you have to own all of these items -- I simply offer our list to compare with your wardrobe needs". - Tomima


Every Complete Bra Wardrobe Should Contain:

Everyday bras

1. 3 to 6 Everyday Basic Bras

A woman should have a collection of bras that she draws from for everyday wear -- a week's supply at a minimum. You're not alone if you wear the same bra a few days in a row; most of us do (assuming it isn't soiled by perspiration). But, instead of wearing the same bra for a few days, alternate two or more bras over a week. The reason? A bra should have a day off between wearings. Body heat tends to relax the fabric. It needs time to return to its original shape. Also, an extra day lets the bra air out and feel fresher the next time you put it on.

Everyday bras can be seamless or seamed. The important point is that they support you, look good under your clothes and are comfortable.

Also, consider different bras for winter and summer. For winter, bras with padding actually provide extra warmth. For summer, consider including a supply of lightweight, cotton bras -- they're cooler and more comfortable in the heat.

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2. A Versatile, Convertible Bra

A convertible bra has modifiable straps that can be transformed into a halter, racer-back, one-shoulder, or strapless style. A convertible bra is a great versatile bra, and handy to have in case you need a quick solution without time to go shopping.

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3. A Strapless Bra

As the name implies, this bra has no straps. Rather it has wide sides and sewn in silicone stitching to keep it in place. This style should be worn with strapless tops, evening gowns, or outfits where a normal bra would show.

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4. A Comfy Contour or T-Shirt Bra

Contour bras have cups that maintain a breast shape whether on or off. This is achieved by having the cup molded out of a thin foam. Besides giving your breast a great pre-determined shape, a contour bra totally eliminates any nipple show-through (we call it "bullet proofing"). If you are modesty conscious, a contour or T-shirt bra is a great answer for you.

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5. A Sexy, Demi Cup Bra

The truth is, men love demi bras. This contoured, underwire bra has cups partially cut away to expose the top of the breast. This bra style almost always has wide set shoulder straps as well. It's a very flattering style and comes in handy when you find yourself with a low cut, wide scoop or square neckline where your every day bra will show. Not to mention... it's a great date bra!

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6. A Form Enhancing Push-Up Bra

A push-up bra is designed with additional padding at the bottom portion of the cup, which lifts the breasts to give the illusion of a fuller bust-line. This type of bra comes in handy when an outfit calls for a more filled-out look. It is most frequently used with eveningwear. Most push-up bras come in C cups or smaller and have wide-set straps. However, HerRoom has some push-up bras that go up to DD cups.

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7. A Quality Sports Bra

Even if you're only moderately active, a sports bra is a must in your wardrobe. Breasts are supported by the non-elastic Cooper's ligaments. Frequent breast bounce can break down these ligaments and causes permanent sagging in your breasts if not supported. Wearing a sports bra will help prevent damage to the breast tissue. Manufacturers often categorize their sports-bra line by the level of impact and exercise intensity: if you participate in various sports or exercise activities, you may need several different sports bras.

New Sports Bra Bounce Test Compare high-impact sports bras in our exclusive "bounce test" videos

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8. A Bra with Wide-Set Straps

A bra with widely-spaced shoulder straps. This style is great for boat neck and wide, squared necklines. Many demi-cups and push-up bras have wide-set straps.

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9. A Beautiful Lace Bra

It's tempting each morning to grab one of your everyday bras to wear. But if you're feeling blue or less-than-feminine, there is no better way to lift your spirits and make you feel great about yourself than putting on a beautiful lacy bra. Every woman needs a pretty lacy bra... and by-the-way - men love them, especially in black.

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10. A Formal Backless Bra

The backless bra is a must-have for formal attire. Some can even can be converted to strapless for more versatility. If you don’t wear low-back clothing, you need not add this to your lingerie wardrobe

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A Few Words About Color

Unless you're going for the "Sex and the City" look, you probably want your lingerie to be unobtrusive. So, your lingerie wardrobe should include the color basics -- a nude or flesh tone (as close to the color of your skin as possible), and black. White is no longer on the list. Why? Because a flesh-tone color is a much better "invisible" color than white, and white tends to yellow and/or gray with time.

If you wear a lot of a particular color, you'll probably want lingerie in that color as well. A black bra strap or slip peeking out of a red dress is either a fashion statement these days, and less of a mistake like white or nude can be.

Color in panties and thongs is also a good idea. Since low-rise styles can generate unexpected viewings of your panties, it's more fun to expose a colored pair rather than a white or nude one. So, by all means, select fun, lacy colorful panties if you know there's a chance they might be seen.

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