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Most people know that there are disposable undergarments for those who are bedridden, unable to use restrooms, have had surgery or have urinary incontinence, but many do not know that there are reusable, washable incontinence products that are more beneficial to the environment and also more economical. The founder of Salk, Inc., has been developing their products since the 1950's, around the same time a famous relative by the name Jonas Edward Salk discovered and developed the world's first successful vaccine for polio. The Salk family has truly been a major force in the health care arena and wants to share the good news about beneficial products. 

Disposable undergarments are convenient and make up around 90% of the incontinence product market, but they do add to landfills and can be costly when used for long-term illnesses and infirmities. Salk wants to let everyone know that there is a more economical, "greener" alternative to disposables, and they have anti-odor protection that helps the incontinent feel fresher and more confident.

You will also find additional incontinence underwear for men at incontinence briefs

Salk also provides products for those with diabetes, including socks which are very soft and comfortable, and usually white to help diabetics see if they have accidentally injured themselves, as many have nerve damage that prevents them from feeling pain. The Salk Holofiber Circulation Increasing Diabetic Sock actually helps increase blood flow in the feet and toes to help prevent sores from forming. 

Salk also carries patient gowns and insulated gowns for comfort and more ease of care for those who have home-bound patients. HerRoom is pleased to carry these new Salk products for those with incontinence and diabetes, and looks forward to serving your needs. You'll be glad to know all Salk products are latex-free and made in the USA!