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Comfort Lace Minimizer Bra
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rating Size: 40C

I tried on at least 20 bras before finding this one. It fits me perfectly and is more comfortable than I could have imagined. I had a breast reduction a while back and never wanted to go back to underwires. But this bra was so comfortable and flattering that it really shows off my new shape at its best. I bought 4 right away. Mary T from Beech Mtn, NC
  • Posted: August, 2006
rating Size: 38DDD

This is a great bra. I've spent a small fortune over the years looking for the right fit. I like a bra that makes my breast look round and not pointing straight out, especially when wearing a fitted t-shirt. This bra gives good support that stays with me all day. There's no stretchy material and this bra seems to be holding up. For anyone looking for a bra to support heavy bossoms, remember to buy one that has at least four hooks in the back and no stretchy material. Robin from California, USA
  • Posted: June, 2006
rating Size: 38DDD

Well, it was almost a great bra. I loved the look of it and the stretchiness of it... Then I put it on. Although it fits well around my torso, it gaped out at the front so the tops of the underwires stuck out in front. I tried a smaller size and felt like circulation was being cut off. This one really just doesn't fit me well at all.

HerRoom Response:When your bra does this, there could be several reasons: Your bra cups are not deep enough and/or the center panel is too narrow at its bottom. The underwire is not sitting in your “breast crease” and therefore is not laying flat against your chest. Your bra may also be a minimizer. In this case, this bra is a minimizer and is probably the cause of this problem. Minimizer underwire bras work by compressing breast tissue. One side effect is that sometimes the center wires tip outwards. Try another minimizer or forgo a minimizer all together. Robin from F'burg, VA

  • Posted: June, 2006
rating Size: 40DDD

  • Posted: May, 2005
rating Size: 34C

I recently purchased this bra and really like it. It is very comfortable and doesn't dig into my shoulders. It would be nice to have a beige color (flesh color). Betty from Chattanooga, TN. USA
  • Posted: April, 2005
rating Size: 44ddd

This bra fits well. But It is hard to find in 444ddd in the dept stores. And when I find the Bra, only Black is available. I cannot understand why persons who are full figured can find only black and white and always have to hope that their size is available.There are probably good customers that you overlook and would buy this product in many colors if it were available. L. Pollard from Richmond
  • Posted: March, 2005
rating Size: 44C

Love the bra, but was very disappointed when they switched to the plastic adjusters on the straps as I have had them break on every bra that I have purchased. Beth from Castle Rock, CO 80108
  • Posted: October, 2004
rating Size: 40C

I have the worst time finding a bra that fits correctly. I came across this style of bra a month ago and have never been happier! For once I feel like I have the support that I need from a bra without the straps digging into my shoulders. Andrea from Kentucky
  • Posted: October, 2004
rating Size: 38DD

This is a great bra and all I wear, but I do have an occasional problem with the underwires poking through the material ..and the last one I purchased I noticed the back elastic fraying slightly...I line dry them after washing and will continue to wear them as they cannot be beat for comfort and fit! Shirley from Vass,No Carolina
  • Posted: September, 2004
rating Size: 38C

I like this bra. It's the most comfortable of any I have tried lately. I wish it was available in a natural, flesh color. S. Howard from Greenfield Center, New York
  • Posted: June, 2004
rating Size: 40D

I am so glad they have put the metal adjustment on the straps of style 428 as I have previously purchased 2 bras that the plastic broke after the 2nd wear was very disappointed as this is a nice bra. Barbara from USA
  • Posted: May, 2004
rating Size: 44DD

I like the fit of the lilyette bra just wish you had more pattern and colors in your larger size bras like you do with the smaller sizes, us fuller size ladys like colors as well exspecialy smaller women with fuller bustline frances from stockton ca
  • Posted: May, 2004
rating Size: 44C

I have purchased this bra for several years. My most recent purchase is disappointing. The fabric now being used is pilling (causing small tuffs of fabric). L. Peterson from Huntsville, AL
  • Posted: February, 2004
rating Size: 44DDD

I LOVE this bra! I LOVE this bra! I LOVE this bra! I have worn this bra for years and the minimizer effect is a must while the support is nothing short of miraculous. Thanks Lillyette ! What WOULD we do without you? And the return of the metal ring was very much a necessity. Terri from Stockton, California
  • Posted: February, 2004
Size: 38D

I used to love this bra and bought it for many years. My last two purchases of the Lilyette Minimizer have been really disappointing. First the stap adjusters broke on every Lilyette bra I owned. When they went to metal adjusters, I thought great and purchased 4 Lilyette minimizers. These "new" bras have completly broked down. The wires have penetrated the casing on every single bra, the straps have come apart and the sides completely stretched out, and I line dry my bras. I am so disappointed with this product and am now looking for a new minimizer to love.

HerRoom Response: Having read your symptoms, it really sounds like the bra size you are selecting is too small. When strap adjusters break, wires poke and straps break down, it means your bra size is too small.

Beverly from Columbia, MD
  • Posted: February, 2004
rating Size: 38D

This is the most comfortable Minimizer Bra that I have worn and I have tried them all!!! Carol from Sarasota, FL., USA
  • Posted: March, 2003
rating Size: 36DD

I was fitted at a department store for this bra. I loved it until I washed it---very carefully in baby ivory soap flakes and cool water and air dried it. It now has absolutley no shape, can't hold me up and certainly is not one bit flattering. I am very disapointed. Diane from Redding, CA USA
  • Posted: March, 2003
rating Size: 36C

Have worn this style for some time now and always been happy, but lately they have changed the plastic strap slides and rings and they keep breaking. Trying to contact them for a comment is very difficult.

HerRoom Response: We contacted Lilyette and were told they have returned to the metal fasteners.

Sandra from Leese
  • Posted: January, 2003
rating Size: 36DD

the most comfortable bra i have ever worn ...You do not even know you are wearing a wired bra....I give it a 10 thank you Lillyette for making it lyn from tampa fla usa
  • Posted: September, 2002
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