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Florence Underwire Nursing Bra
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rating Size: 40F

This bra completely surprised me! I thought it was impossible for such a sexy bra to also support a woman my size. Was I wrong! It took a little getting used to, but now my breasts don't fall out with the adjustments I've made to the strap positions and I've mastered the snaps. Perhaps my breasts have gotten smaller as I breastfed my son past a year, but I love feeling sexy in my bras again! Thanks, Le Mystere! Marie from nursing DS
  • Posted: April, 2007
rating Size: 36g

This bra is beautiful and cozy, for the first five minutes that I have it on. The problem is that it's too low cut for heavy breasts with minds of their own, and it doesn't keep them in the cups. This is also because the fabric is so stretchy, which seemed nice at first. Also, the lace is not meant for real work, and has already torn in a few places, from me trying to adjust myself. Sigh. Jenn from San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Posted: December, 2006
rating Size: 32D

This bra is OK for special occasions due to its cut, but the wires are uncomfortable and the clasp on the cup is very difficult to unhook. Siddabelle from New York
  • Posted: December, 2006
rating Size: 36E

Hmmm. I really wanted to like this bra, being a big fan of the Tisha Dream bra (Oprah's favorite, and a real boon for big busted gals). I was also excited at the thought of a black lacy nursing bra, not too mumsy or overly structured. Unfortunately the design just didn't work for me. The lace is too flimsy or stretchy, and cut too shallow, to keep my boobs where they should be. I actually popped out of this bra more than once, even though it was technically the right size. And the lining of the cup (a plain soft black cotton fabric) has no definite shape and couldn't seem to decide where it should sit, leading to uncomfortable wrinkling. On one cup it covered the nipple, and on the other, sat off to one side. Bummer. Back to the drawing board, Le Mystere. Maggie from New Haven CT
  • Posted: April, 2006
rating Size: 32C

This is a great bra! I have had such a hard time finding any 32C nursing bras at all and then I got this one and it fits and works great! Only problem is that there is a definite seam that you can see under t-shirts but it is still a great nursing bra. I'm buying more! Robin from Raleigh, NC
  • Posted: November, 2005
rating Size: 32D

I ordered this item from and was very surprised how fast it was shipped to me. It has a very soft pleasant material. However, I cannot wear it for long time. The underwire is very uncomfortable. Oksana from CA
  • Posted: October, 2005
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