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Three Dots Collections at HerRoom

Three Dots t-shirts and tops are for the woman who wants to be comfortable wrapped in high-quality fabric and stylish adorned with beautiful designs. Three Dots tees are known for their clean styling, durability and premium fabric. The ring-spun combed cotton fabric makes every piece in the Three Dots collections feel silky against the skin. The signature flatlock stitching at the seams adds to the magic of the brand. Another signature is the iconic trademark of an ellipsis. This is stamped directly on each piece to reflect the brand's clean, minimal design. Three Dots gives women a feeling of luxury while feeling wrapped in the warmth of a cozy garment. Three Dots prides themselves on providing Americans with excellent products. They can be found across the globe, but Three Dots knows its roots are right here at home. Three Dots is a lifestyle for women trying to find a perfect fit and amazing feeling in whatever clothing they are wearing. Three Dots continues to grow from what once was only offered in twelve colors to what now is offered in many different styles made with all colors in the rainbow. Three Dots is perfect for women loving style, color and comfort.

Three Dots
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Three Dots 1x1
1x1 by Three Dots
4 styles

Three Dots 2x1
2x1 by Three Dots
1 styles

Three Dots Cotton
Cotton by Three Dots
1 styles

Three Dots Essential Heritage Knit
Essential Heritage Knit by Three Dots
1 styles

Three Dots Sanded Jersey
Sanded Jersey by Three Dots
1 styles