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We have a love affair with full slips. There is something about a woman walking around the house in a silky slip and high-heeled marabou slippers that we love. The most enduring image is probably Maggie in the 1958 move "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." Secretly, we all wanted to be Maggie the Cat slinking around in that slip.

The full slip is really the precursor to loungewear. It is what women wore when they removed their clothes. A full slip is simple glamour. Slips are elegant and makes us all a little more lady-like when we wear one.

Full slips or whole slips come in several lengths from mini to long formal. When full slips are sold, the length of the slip is actually given from the waist down. So, if you see, for example, an 18" full slip at HerRoom, assume that when you put it on, the hem of the slip will fall 18 inches below your waist.

Slip fabrics run the gamut from silk, rayon, nylon, satin and taffeta to blends proprietary to the maker. For example, FarrWest slips made in their special charmeuse fabric claim to positively be anti-cling. Silky slips and silk slips are made by Mary Green and Hush Hush. Cotton slips are always a popular request. HerRoom offers several by Farr West. However, a cotton slip tends to cling more than the slicker fabrics. Slips made in synthetic fabrics tend to cling more than full slips made in natural fabrics. This is because the rubbing against another fabric tends to create an electrical charge.

There are a couple of simple solutions to solve slip cling. A quick temporary solution is to spray a mist of water on the slip. The moisture will instantly create an anti-cling slip. A more long-term solution is to rub an anti-wrinkle sheet (the kind you throw in a dryer) on your slip or half slip. This should take the cling away for the whole day. Of course, in high humidity climates, the clingy slip problem is not an issue.

Slip styles used to be elaborate with possible garters, ruffles, and intricate lace. Today, slips have been simplified. It is very hard to find beautiful lacy silk slip lingerie. Most women want inexpensive simple slips to get the necessary job done.

Slip lingerie saw a change when half-slips instead of full slips arrived on the market. Half-slips start at the waist and can go all the way down to the floor. The half slip was then teamed up with a camisole. These two pieces gave a woman more options as clothing silhouettes changed and women started wearing pants with sheer blouses. In fact, a slip for pants called bloomers or pantliners was created. It worked great under sheer gaucho or full pants.

The modern slip is a dressed down version of vintage slips. They provide protection from possibly rough clothing, create opacity under sheer garments and allow clothes to lie flat. Some full slips have built-in breast support either with a shelf bra or underwires or an actual bra being built into the slip. Half slips have recently seen a design change. Elastic gathered waists are being replaced by seamless form-fitting styling. Also on the market are full and half slips with built-in Shapewear features.

Today full slips are hard to find. Most women just don't wear them any more. This is a shame because full slips are the best for dresses requiring a slip. A half slip with camisole will create a line right at the middle. However, the good news is that HerRoom has worked very hard to find the best slips on the market. The slip will always remain that symbol of femininity. So for you slip-wearing women out there, HerRoom is bringing to you the greatest selection possible and with free shipping.